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Your choice of duty stations?


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Report this Dec. 26 2004, 9:15 am

I do not want to play carebear federation... Please Cormoran this game will have unlimited immature stop wasting your time arguing against them. Im not immature and I like to pwn j00 often..its a mixed will get it everywhere on everygame..because its fun for them.

Lets get this straight...this game should NEVER be directed to give a person just soloplay, or just a pvp has to be for both...and it will


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you do realise that there will be very little PvP support for initial launch of STO dont you?

From what we've been told so far it'll likely only happen in holodecks or something like that. I'd say maybe wargames. There will be very little room for people who just want to go around killing other people.  It'll only really start up if an expansion with other empires is created and then it'll be factional based which is fine with me.


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Everyone should start out as a civilian ... and you go to the academy and choose a field you want to study, you do some tutorials about that part of the game and then get your basic rank such as

"Fabian (Civilian)" goes to academy for engineering to become "Crewman Fabian (Engineering)" :laugh:

That'd be neat because there would be the "wow! You're a starfleet officer" from the civilian newbies when you walk around san franciso to your apartment :D

As for the argument about the goody goody federation: What if an officer steals a shuttle from starfleet headquarters on earth ( sounds familiar, mr paris! ) and goes off to join a hidden community of outlaw players in the asteroid field or somewhere. That'd be great! There would be people searching for them...  people sending in spies, etc!


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My passion has always been with the Science field, so that is where you will end up finding me.


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i would also be at the helm. it would be cool to fly the ship.  Be the next Tom Paris... :)


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I wanna be a marine - not security, but a marine.  I would say Army if such a thing exsisted, but it doesnt, so marine.

On the color of uniforms, I have no clue how that works.  Theyre always different in the movies and series and I just cant infer a pattern.


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Uniform color is rather simple. In the Original Series and Enterprise:

Yellow: Command, Navigation, Operations
Red: Communications, Tactical, Security, Engineering
Blue: Medical, Science

TOS Movies were based on the collar of the uniform

White for most everyone
Blueish/Grey for Medical
Red for Officer Trainees


Red: Command, Helm
Yellow: Tactical/Security, Ops, Engineering
Blue: Science, Medical

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