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"Warning Sub-space anomolae detected..."


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Ok Spacial Phenomena are everywhere in star trek.. and so are areas supposedly not to be explored. In STO we could have these spacial phenomena and disasters appear out of thin air.. of course the occurances would be very rare but think about.. maybe even nebulaes and such that emit radiation etc.

They could make something like this in STO with some kind of random algorithm that would decide to take effect every few hours or something... I mean think about it.. isn't this what star trek is about anyway ,exploring the unknown? Your ship could get dragged into another dimension or the abyss like in the VOY episode "Night"..very exciting prospect if you ask me...

Besides.. how would everyone like an opaque universe with nothing but dots for stars....


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I agree the unexected would keep the game interesting something to tear you away from the humdrum missions.


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Pretty much agreed, just as long as it isn't too common.


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Should be pretty easy to generate those with random appearances and random effects.  Drop them into random encounters or into dynamic science missions....sure.


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I would be kind of suprised not to see those kind of things in game. They are such a major part of the Star Trek universe.

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