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The Genesis Device


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Report this Dec. 16 2004, 3:18 pm

Ok, time to stir up some controversy.  :)

Do you think the Genesis Device should be available as some high end content?  I'm sure this will get a resounding no, but here's some ideas.

-The Genesis Device could be a crafting goal for the top skilled crafters/engineers/scientists/researchers.
-Perhaps only one Device could be constructed at a time per server.
-Usage of the Device would be limited to dead planetary bodies with no life whatsoever.  The transformed planet could be used as a new outpost or guild's base.
-The transformed planet would eventually destroy itself due to the instability of protomatter.  The planet would last a set amount of time (perhaps 2 months).
-Klingons would actively engage a ship or starbase that had the Genesis Device on board.  If the Klingons destroyed the ship or somehow stole the Device, it would be lost forever and another Device would need to be constructed.

Ok, this is probably a topic out in left field, but it's something to discuss.  :)


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No, because PE would have too spend more time creating planets that may never be used,when they could be using that time to make starbases, ships etc. really worth while visiting.


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ya i agree with Aiten


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If the terrain on the planet could be (here's my favourite word again) dynamically generated, then it would take no time to do.

Problem being is, it doesn't make much sense...why make a planet habitable  for a few weeks just to blow it up?  If you wanted a base, build one in space.

What I envision for an ultimate crafting goal is the ability to construct a space station.  Not one of those 700-deck spacedocks, but maybe a tactical station of some kind.  Cost an astounding amount of resources and could be used in empire PVP (when it is added) as defensive advantage.  Sure you could build them in non pvp space, at a limit of some sort....maybe 1 per fleet (guild)?


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I agree with Daybreak on this one, though I would allow guilds to build more than one space station in non-PvP space.

I wouldn't mind having the Genesis Device, though. I must stress, however, that I feel it should be used in GM-created quests only! The Genesis Device needs to remain a rare and incredibly power device, not something that everyone has in the end.


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Ill say this and no more.. moderators could control it..


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I wouldn't mind seeing engineering careers based in Starship Construction Yards, where early on your crafting involves the design and construction of small vessels such as workbee's (which I defintiely want us to be able to control!;) shuttlecraft and runabouts- as you gain more experience you move on to larger projects, ultimately, paralleing Daybreak's idea- working on the construction of larger capital ships and space stations.



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Sure, just don't let them design starships.  There's already enough ugly looking kitbashes out there, some of which are sadly canon, in a way.

And more than one station per Fleet?  We'd be seeing them everywhere in a year's time.  If they want it someplace else, have them dismantle it and move it.

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