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Your place in Starfleet


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Report this Dec. 14 2004, 11:14 pm

Please bear with me on this idea, it may take sometime to get across, and makes some assumptions upon the game.
Read through and discuss.


Too automatically assign a Starfleet Player too a ship.

As a new player, you have graduated from Starfleet Academy (1) with enough skill too hold your ground in a fight, and many skills you chose too pursue when you enter the academy (2).
Wearing your new uniform, your tutor (3) informs you too head too another part of Starfleet academy to be assigned too a crew. You take a short journey and speak with an officer (3) for Starfleet. She informs you that you have been place on the crew manifest for the 'USS Pegasus IV' (4). You are to proceed too meet with the Galaxy class star ship as you please.
You head too the student lounge, say fair well too some friends and access the Starfleet Database. The database gives you the current location of the 'USS Pegasus IV'. From Starfleet academy, you proceed to Deep Space 9 where the ship is currently docked for upgrades.
After reaching DS9, you find the Pegasus and board. You are met with a crew member (3) who supplies you with a data pad. The data pad holds information on the crew, your room location and your position. You head up too your room, unpack and introduce yourself too the captain.

(1) A training island which you can freely leave and enter
(2) Character Creation
(3) NPC
(4) You may accept or decline

Now more detail.

The Ship
 There are few (no more than 5 per server) ships that players are automatically assigned too
 Pegasus accommodates hundreds of players on its decks
 Ships venture into space and explore on captains orders
 Pegasus is much larger than any ship available too players
 The Pegasus will be invincible, but can be attacked and disabled for 10 mins (Inter mini-community battles, purely for fun and arranged by captains)
 Pegasus will have a message board accessible from most parts of the ship
 Captain can set up events such as a Borg assault when there are enough players too accommodate the attack.
 The Pegasus will do a range of missions from research too combat.
 New stories will be designed for these ships

The Crew
 Captain is a paid full time moderator, players can be bridge staff
 The crew can only access the bridge with permission
 New players will not be assigned to ships that are inaccessible by newbies
 Any member of the crew may leave the ship without permission and do their own thing or move too another ship
 Hundreds of players will be on a ship at one time (a mini community)
 Anyone can leave the crew permanently and set up their own ship/crew at anytime
 Players will have their own quarters to do as they wish with onboard
 Players can store one personal shuttle on the ship (To enter and leave as you wish)
 People will vote onboard too choose their next destination
 People wear Uniform onboard
 No shifts, its up too you want too do.
 NPCs always acting as crew, you can take over at anytime. With permission, you can even do bridge roles.
 After time, people will assume roles on the star ship
 Crew members will be assigned an area (Security, Medical etc.) where they can train their skills on peple and NPC whenever they want. They do not have to do anything if they so wish

The Equipment
 Holo-decks always available (expect when in a fight)
 Equipment is freely available if you are onboard, but if you leave too do your own thing, this equipment is taken away from you.
 Free shuttles and runabouts when you are on ship missions
 If you are too far to travel without warp, the shuttle is teleported to within a 3 minute full impulse journey too the closest planet or star base.

 A mini-community (say 200+ players per star ship)
 True immersion into the Star Trek world
 You become part of a crew
 Free equipment
 Can be promoted
 Storylines that the ship undertakes
 The star ship will always feel like a working star ship
 A travelling home
 Moderator, always near you and part of your mini-community
 You will work on a ship that is much larger and more powerful than a player controlled ship.

Negatives too this idea
 Not suited to those who do not wish to be in Starfleet (option is there too leave)
 Not suited for the 'loner' types
 Can lead too a boring environment if there is no missions available (option too go elsewhere)

Please think of these questions when answering
Would you like too see this as an optional way to play STO?
Would you join a star ship like I have said if the options was there?
Although there is a choice in this matter to join or not, do you think the idea is a waste of time?
How would you create immersion?
Would this work if  there were non SF alternatives eg Romulan?
Can you thinkof anymore +/- too this idea?

Just out of a thought, there will probally be a 1000 player server cap right? so if there are 200 x5 on starships, thats nothing for stations.
STO could do a 'Dark & Light' and have the servers work in unison too create one world, therefore you could have 10,000's of people playing in the same world at once, but connected on different servers.
If that makes no sense, just say lol
10 servers = 1 galaxy
10 servers = 10 galaxies?


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Report this Dec. 14 2004, 11:19 pm

Fascinating post, some awesome ideas that you have compiled. I really like the system you have laid out here, and it promotes a community aboard a large starship where players are based and can participate in missions with possibly hundreds of other people around them- sounds great for those who want to interact and be ship based.



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Report this Dec. 14 2004, 11:56 pm

Some great concepts Aiten! I think there is alot of merit to your proposal. The problem is that we don't really know for sure how the game is going to present many of the items you have covered, so it makes it a bit tough to evaluate. You've put some good thought into it, I like many of your ideas!

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Report this Dec. 15 2004, 8:50 am

Community does not apply to everyone, not by a long shot.

Would you join a star ship like I have said if the options was there?

No.  I don't believe that many people have the ability to keep me entertained enough to make me want to extend my subscription.

How would you create immersion?

By creating multiple styles of dynamic missions.  Solo, PvP, Crew, and ground based as well as random encounters.  Add a moddable soundscore, the best Star Trek music to be found.  Throw in GM's who create custom plots on a daily or weekly bases (at different times of the day so everyone can play them, not just the east-coast guys) that flow into a greater storyline (controlled by 1-3 people) that lasts a year or more.  

Can you thinkof anymore +/- too this idea?

This sounds a lot like an idea for a premium server?  EQ did it, where they had a large number of GMs per account and created a lot more custom content.  The cost / month would be much higher, to offset the cost of hiring those numbers of GMs and writers.  If THIS system were used, I would bless you all and bid you a fine farewell, but I would not participate.


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Report this Dec. 15 2004, 9:00 am

Daybreak you bring up good points with the money situation, although I see you do not like community as much as myself and the people who also replied?

Just a few questions because I dont quite understand your perspective.
Why do you play MMO's?  Is the single/solo player content better on a multiplayer game and for what reason?
Secondly, if starships are not what you are after, what has star trek too offer?

I have been thinking more and more into the idea, and with the options avaliable in three years, i believe it would work wonders.


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Report this Dec. 15 2004, 9:28 am

I like smaller groups, not massive guilds.

I have a hard time with people who do not understand me and friction always erupts. I ALWAYS say things in jest that people just take the wrong way. I go out of my way to make sure that all my guildies know that I joke a lot, but invariably I catch someone the wrong way some day and they go crying behind my back to someone else....and a rift forms.

Big guilds aren't for me. I've never enjoyed them, too many stupid people in this world with a computer and a credit card and I refuse to hang around with them. Most of the people I choose to play games with online these days are my close firends or family. ST:O is the one title that we can all agree that we will all be playing. That's 20+ people in the same timezone as one another. This is perfect. We no longer live in the same place, so this is a good way for us to get together for our weekly game without having to cancel if the GM is sick/busy.

Finally I have people who know me and WON'T get all pissy when I make a joke. There has never been any content in MMOG's that I've ever been remotely interested in, single player rpg's are too restrictive, so I don't play those. Pen & paper is what I love, and finally ST:O has the ability to smash that 'kill-ding' mentality once and for all, and provide everything I want in a MMOG.

I love ships...I don't plan to solo at all though it would be nice to have the option to have it to grab some xps at 6 in the morning when my son wakes me up to watch TV and nobody else is awake.

Now, my situation brings up a point...everyone wants something different from a MMOG...and ST:O can easily deliver a wide spectrum of things to do and will satisfy a great many people. Not everyone, but most.

I don't hate your idea, I just don't want to pay for anything I will never use.


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Report this Dec. 15 2004, 9:53 am

oh no sorry, I wasnt saying your wrong for not wanting too use my idea yourself, I was merely asking too think of ways where it can be implmented and be done in a way that you would enjoy?

We are two opposite ends of the spectrum here so you seemed the obvious person too ask lol.

I would actually love too develop this idea further, but I need feedback from the otherside too make it feasable option that PE can look at.


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Report this Dec. 15 2004, 10:02 am

Sorry, this is bugging me.

can someone PLEASE tell this guy that it's TO not TOO!!!!

TOO = Also

TO= A direction or path toward something


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Report this Dec. 15 2004, 10:04 am

... or you could do it :)
Hey so my Grammar is bad, who cares? Comment on the idea


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Report this Dec. 15 2004, 10:54 am

Uh...not interested in having a GM play ship's captain at all...sorry.

I don't WANT to be on an invulnerable starship, I want to be able to make mistakes and have them cost me my ship.  The thrill of victory is hollow if there is no danger in defeat (like other MMOGs that give you a tiny penalty).

I want to have to put my trust in each and every crewmember, and know exactly how far I can trust them and what their capabilities are.  Or more correctly, I want to LEARN that and then rely on it in the future.


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Report this Dec. 15 2004, 11:24 am

I agree with Daybreak, but the idea still has merit. It might be a useful plan for newbi players who want some additional experience, maybe more for a "newbi" starbase. You wouldn't be able to get reasigned to it after leaving, to prevent it from being to crowded, although they should probably hold alot of people.


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Report this Dec. 15 2004, 11:40 am

yup i pretty much agree with daybreak on this you thought it out well but it only comes across from 1 side of the spectrum ive been in a large guild they dont work some ppl just dont get on with each other restricting players to 5 ships is asking for trouble atm in eq2 theres about 15 of us we get along great and we probably arent going to invite anyone we dont know personally or is from another guild in another game

likewise if i have to pay for premium content then so long and good luck with the game

i like talking to the wider community but i dont want to be stuck to em sometimes i just like to go off and do my own thing


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Report this Dec. 15 2004, 11:49 am

These ships would be huge, far larger than a 15man crew would be able to obtain.  We are talking about full scale ships.

As stated, you can go off and do your thing if you want, and nothing is there too stop you, there by removing any bias.
As stated before, you may even decline all together and go it alone from the start.

Please remember also when thinking of this, PE doesnt even have a Game Designer etc yet (they advertsing posistions for STO i believe) so we can throw ideas together and they have a real chance of becoming part of the design documentation.


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Report this Dec. 15 2004, 4:47 pm

I don't mind the idea of this bieng the idea for newbie ships.  

The ability to go off and do my own thing doesn't quite remove bias.  Like I say, I don't want a substantial part of my monthly fee going to pay for these additional GM's.

Nor, if I were involved in this, would I go off on my own, captain my own ship and then come back to be some GM's lap-dog.  If it was a single player mission, maybe...

In fact, I'd totally support a system like this if it was a couple of GM's doing hands-on mission training with newbies, limiting the number of missions that a person can come on before getting shoved out the airlock.  "There ya go, ensign, have a good career"


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Report this Dec. 15 2004, 5:12 pm

I have to agree with Daybreak here. It would be too costly and it presents far too many problems. I also like his idea about GM-newbie hands-on training. :D

One point that has been brought up, though, is being assigned to a ship. I don't think players should just be haphazardly assigned. Like I said once before, I think a brief holodeck simulation period should be before a formal assignment. You and your future crew meet up in the holodeck and play through a mission or two. Then, once you've seen how it is working with these people, you get to decide whether you want to be with them or not. Giving players an uninformed choice is like not giving them a choice at all.

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