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What new game would u want?


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I also think Blizzard could come up with a good Star Trek game.

I think a Bridge Commander 2 would be good. But in #2, I would like the Intrepid and Defiant class ships.


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Blizzrd would make a good game and they need to make a game with every ship not just the popular ones would rule


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Quote (Capt_Obi_Wan @ Dec. 20 2004, 11:29 am)
Take BattleFront and do the same with Star Trek themes.

yea!! just think of the cheat codes... MUAHAHAHAHA


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Like KOTOR, every decision makes the ending different.

Free to explore ship and do anything.

On-ground Missions, Advanced Character Creation, Like Tiger woods PGA Tour.

Choose what ship you command/serve on.

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