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TF Gamma


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Report this Dec. 13 2004, 11:04 am

Task Force Gamma is currently undercrew in major areas. The station is looking for Department CO who can post a least 3 times a week.

Mission Details

Task Force Gamma has just finished up the 3rd Fleet Mission. It was about an acient race called the Katorlian Empire who have been around for over a Million years. It look like the Federation may have made a treaty with them but it all broken apart when they tried to kill Fleet Admiral Christopher Blaisdell, Gamma co Division CO. As of now the Federation is at war with them. The USS Delphia and USS Hawk(station ship) has taken major damage and is being repaired at KSB Denvor. Fleet Admiral Blaisdell and General Ledwith has disappeared through a wormhole at the Battle of Sector 311.

This is a description of the last fleet mission. The new one will start on the last week of December or first week of January

OPEN Positions

USS Discovery A

Chief Medical Officer

All Assistant Positions open.

USS Delphia

Chief Science Officer
Chief Intelligence Officer

USS Amsterdam

Chief Engineer Officer
Chief Science Officer
Chief Operation Officer
Chief Medical Officer

USS Hawk/Station Opens

Chief Helm Officer
Chief Science Officer
Chief Operations Officer
Chief Engineer Officer

All assistant officer needed. Will be comsider Department XO on the station.

KHC Alpha41 - Katorlian Heavy Cruiser under the command of Fleet Admiral Blaisdell

Open Positions

Chief Helm Advisor
Chief Medical Advisor
Security Advisor
Tactical Advisor
Medical Advisor
Helm Advisor
Engineer Advisor
Science Advisor

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