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Needed Officers


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Quote (fox9837 @ Jan. 12 2005, 5:04 pm)
yes i have heard there fun but never played one i was wounder what to expect and how rpg's work. If you would be so kind thanx


 What to expect in RPGs? Well, there are currently four types of role playing simulations out there...

1. Live Chat- probably the most intimate, live chat simulations allow you to take the post of a Star Fleet officer on board of a Federation starship.  Players meet once a week at a specific time for a specific duration (in STSF it's one hour).  Live chat simming is one of the oldest types of simming out there.  Several of the Game Masters (those that run RPGs, like myself) have been around for more than a decade.

2. E-mail- Has been around as long as live chat sims.  The focus here is a little different.  There is more of an emphasis on writing and building a story than there is on spontaneous reactions and on the spot character interaction.  There are several outstanding e-mail sims out there...many independently one.

3. Forum/Message Board- The newest of the RPGs, message board sims are less intimate than chat sims, but more than e-mail.  They empahsize less on writing and the plots generally move a little quicker than e-mail sims.

4. Hybrid sims- Mixtures of any or all of the types of simulations.

I'd like to invite you to check our the Star Trek Simulation Forum if you're interested in trying out an RPG, especially live chat.  Visit for more information!

Hope this helps!


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thanx guys is i alright if i come back here if i have more quest ions or ami just getting in the way if i am sorry.


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Quote (fox9837 @ Jan. 13 2005, 4:38 pm)
thanx guys is i alright if i come back here if i have more quest ions or ami just getting in the way if i am sorry.

Feel free and post in this forum at anytime...  :)


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We are about to embark on a one year exploration mission to the Gamma Quadrant. We will be one of only four starfleet ships in the Gamma Quadrant. The ships will split into groups of two. The first group my ship, the Yellowstone, with a Nebula class, the Ares. Group 2 will be a sovereign class, the odyssey, and a nova class, the Andromeda. We will be charting new space and making contact with species no human has ever seen. If your are new to RPGing we would be happy to take you on as a cadet and train you before becoming an ensign or non-commissioned officer. The position we are needing are listed below.

Engineering XO (Executive Officer of engineering department)
Medical XO (Executive Officer for Medical department)
Chief Warrant Officer (Command of Starfleet infantry officers)
Warrant XO (Executive Officer for Warrant officers)
Special Ops Team
-Weapons Specialist
-Strategic Ops Specialist
-Field Medic
Cardassian Liason
Gorn Liason
Klingon Liason
Romulan Liason
Ferengi Liason
Transporter Chief
Fighter Pilots
Security/Tactical Officers
Operations Officers
Engineering Officers
Science Officers
Helm Officers
Intelligence Officers
Medical Officers
Warrant Officers
Non-Commissioned Officers for all departments
Cadets for all departments

Hope to see you their. If you would like more information please post here.

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