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Report this Dec. 02 2004, 9:46 am

Well it's been almost three months since the press release and no news from the devs yet (which is as expected).
I was, untill very recently, I huge SFC player. I was there from the start of SFCI through SFC2 and OP but never got into SFC3.  I remember the days when SFC1 would have more 200 people on at a time at Mpig. After SFC2, OP, SFC3 came our numbers dwindeled. Fortunately, we can all ban together for this one.
I'd like to take this opportunity to gather the old SFC players together since it is very likely that multiple servers will be involved and I think it would be great if we could stay together. You might remember me as Jolley Rogers from 14G, ICoP, Rihanssu Star Empire, or a few others.

Hope to see some familiar faces once this goes live (up to 3 years, yikes)

Jolley (waiting for this thing to work) Rogers

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