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Armada 3


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Here is an idea that I thought of for the next armada game. First have several single player campaigns but not like the first two. Have the first one start out in the 22nd century. The the next one in the 23rd century from the original serise to the underdiscovered contry. Third the beginning of the 24th century with Ent B to the point of the destruction of Ent C. Fourth have it go through the next generation to Nemisis.
also have the dominion wars campaigns but be able to control the feds,klingons, and the romulans at the same time. As far as ships,stations, resources, and other things have only dilithium as the only resource to gather that way you don't have to worry about latinum or metal. I like armada 1's idea to build more bases to increase the crew pool rather than collonising planets. Being able to control around 30 ships. Us armada 1's enigen because I didn't like armada2's movements so high or so low that you have to change views to see the enemy and target it. Have 6 ship yards for each race, for instance a shuttle yard, a friget to light cruiser yard, a heavey cruiser yard, a battleship yard, a hero shipyard, and an experimental yard. stations bulid an outpost, starbase HQ, and DS9, more defences. Have intrepids with armour and transphasic torps. defiants with faster pulse phasers and quantum torps. what do you think?


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Report this Dec. 01 2004, 8:22 am

They could take an idea from 'Empire earth' which had planes moving while they attacked. That's the one thing that gets me most about the game. Yeah it's great having the big cruisers just being stationary while blasting heavy power - but to see defiants/birds of prey making 'passes' past the enmy would be cool.

We also could do with a level creator/designer.

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