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What happened to Slanted Fedora?


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Report this Nov. 21 2004, 11:57 pm

There was going to be an Indianapolis convention this month and the company that puts the conventions on is apparently going out of business and stopping all their conventions nationally.  Anyone know what happnened?


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Report this Nov. 22 2004, 8:33 am

I had read a while back, sometime last year...that they got in some kind of legal trouble ....  something about them not refunding money when something was cancelled.  I had seen some info about them being sued...or something...sorry about the sketchy details.....


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Report this Nov. 23 2004, 3:01 pm

Oh that stinks! They can't go out of buisness! I buy alot of autographs from them on EBay!! :cry: :(


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Hey guys this has been a hot topic at HoT.  


You might want to check this out for up-to-date stuff.


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Report this Dec. 01 2004, 11:49 pm

There's an even better con in Indianapolis.  It was back after a 10 year or so hiatus.  I went to Starbase Indy over the Thanksgiving weekend and it was fantastic!  I was able to meet Connor Trinneer, Anthony Montgomer, James Horan, and Jeffery Combs.

Very much worth it!  It's going on the same weekend next year. You should all check it out if you get the chance!

Starbase Indy



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Report this Dec. 07 2004, 12:57 am

Slanted Fedora explain on their website that they called it quits. Its too bad because they were they only people willing to set up shows in Connecticut. Its sad to say the day numerous conventions acroos the U.S. is just about over.


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Report this Dec. 22 2004, 1:20 pm

I always liked the Slanted Fedora conventions (I went to about 10 of them) before they changed their format the last  few years. I never did completely trust Dave Scott, though. I ordered New York tickets two years in a row on credit card and got double billed both years. There was also something not quite right between him and Patrick Stewart. I went to the "4 Captains" convention (held on 1/7/01 heh-heh), but Stewart couldn't make it because of his shooting schedule on Nemesis. Stewart was a good sport about it, though, and still sent up autographed 8x10 glossies to the con, but I saw later on his site that he would NEVER work with Slanted Fedora again. Makes me wonder what happened there!


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Interesting. Their site is down ( I did however run across this ...


... and will be in contact with the Kansas Consumer Protection Division with my incidences of two years running of double billing with them. I always wondered, but I see now that I wasn't alone. That was one of the charges mentioned on the suit.


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Report this Dec. 24 2004, 12:58 am

Patrick Stewart had on his site last year that the check bounced from Slanted Fedora after he sent signed pics & would never do there shows again. Did anyone else find it strange that they charged sales tax on everything? I'm sure that was all pocketed.

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