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Report this Nov. 21 2004, 5:45 pm

The year is 2293, right after the Khitomer Treaty was signed, new generation of ships is
developed and launched, Excelsior-B, The USS Galtuch is one of those ships, it's mission
is to keep the border with the Klingons safe and quiet, though this mission turns out to
not be so easy when the Klingon Empire suffers from Internal revolutions and the Federation
now need to deal with an Ally-Enemy, day after day and hour after hour at the risk zone.

Intersted in joining and making the tomorrow a better place?

The USS Galtuch is an IRC Simulation, part of the amazing Epsilon Fleet,
we sim every Wednesdays at 3PM EST on IRC Server: channel: #USS-Galtuch

Feel free to drop by and join (Guests are highly welcome!;)

Our website:
Hosts: FSF Xiang, FSF Tommy (
Epsilon Fleet:

Openings: CMO, HELM, Marine XO, CSCI, All Asst.

~ FSF Tommy
~ Host, USS Galtuch

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