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Unity On GameSpot -- Again


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Report this Nov. 03 2004, 10:22 pm

V4.0 'Pirates Syndicate' -- a mod for SFC3 -- just made GameSpot ... :D

V2.5 and V3.0 have over 1,800 downloads on GameSpot alone.

The mod is now on Star Trek Gamers Directory,, CNet, ZDNet and ...

Thanks to lead modder Cozbo and all the modelers, Raven Night, Bridge Commander Universe, Grinch, Markyd, Thu11's, Wicked Zombie, James Formo, KoraH, ThePelican, Major Racal and all the modelers whose work is premiered in Unity -- nearing it's one-year anniversary this month.

There have been nearly now nearly 17,000 downloads of Unity at various download sources since Unity I went public last year.

Thanks also to Dave Ferrell and Taldren.

For information on the 'Unity' mod for SFC3:


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