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Starfleet Command III


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Report this Dec. 26 2004, 8:55 pm

Quote (Achevf @ Dec. 25 2004, 4:50 pm)
One day, I copied the whole program folder from the computer in my office, which I installed a long time ago, I attemted to transfer it to my pc at home, copied it to the program files, a desperate action that failed. The PC could not detect the program. If it would be MAC that would work.
Anyway, I tried to open the Program file SFC3.exe using Add/remove prog. and I was able to see all the intro movie of the game... but when it was going to start, it did not load because It cant find the dll.. something. That problem is what I encountered when I first installed the Game, not untill I downloaded the patch from the ST gaming site. But this time I'm not avaible to install the patch since there is no installation log that the Patch can detect. Well back to square 1.

Not Quite.  If you are using Windows XP, you should right click on the program, and click on the compatibility tab.  Then, you check the "Disable Visual Themes" option and run the game.  I think it should work.

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