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If you could have one Trek Technology


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Report this Apr. 19 2005, 5:31 pm

Being from LA and very near the San Fernando Valley, I would have to say the Holodeck because it would do wonders for the porn industry. :cool:


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There can be only one is far to Highander so I have to Why Oh Why!


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i would love a holodeck. so much fun. i would like a replicator too, but that might be bad for the world -enough food = overpopulation. i know that sounds awful, but we should wait on the replicatiors until we can learn to terraform Mars, like on ST. phasers would be good for cops, b/c it would be like a tazer from a distance.
i would love to be Data's friend. when i was little and first watched ST TNG, i wanted to marry Data!! and Ringo Starr! teehee


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all your votes are nonse...

LCARS ALL THE WAY PEOPLE.. you think about your own asses.. pff, with all this data you can solve all diseases AND build/create everything listed in other options... well cept data ofc.


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A really good tricorder so I do some cool personal experiements like finding what the actual gasoline content is at local filling stations and how much is water, alchohol,and other additives :laugh:


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Report this Apr. 29 2005, 6:49 pm

If it had to be just one, then I'd say a Transporter.

But a replicator would be a close second.


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Replicator, as then I can have all the other Technologies.



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Quote (Appan_Parsu @ April 30 2005, 6:38 pm)
Replicator, as then I can have all the other Technologies.


without LCARS data replicator is a just replicator, without data its useless.


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Report this May. 01 2005, 8:40 am

i would like to have a Phaser and a Warp Drive

If i can only have one, i bring the Warp Drive.


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Quote (Appan_Parsu @ April 30 2005, 4:38 am)
Replicator, as then I can have all the other Technologies.


Replicator can only make what it's been programmed to make, not what isn't developed yet.

So, a replicator on it's own is only going to reproduce the items & technology that we are currently capable of producing through other methods.

Although, even with that limitation, it would still be a great tool.

Hmmm, technically, doesn't the replicator employ Transporter technology?


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Report this May. 02 2005, 9:08 pm

A subspace communicator is nly useful if there's someone you want to talk to out of range of a mobile phone.  I don't know anyone like that, so I'd say that's a useless technology for us planet-bound Earthlings (or 'Terrans', innit?  I forget...)

I would say a Defiant-sized ship, but I wouldn't want to go on my own and I doubt I'd find anyone to come with me (can you imagine?  'Hey!  come with my in my space ship! it's just like the one out of Star Trek and I want you to come with me to discover new life and blah blah blah' I'd be in a mental institute before you can say skull breach.)  

So on that note, I'd pick replicator out of pure, unadultarated greed.  Oh yes.


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Report this May. 03 2005, 4:48 am

I would take the holodeck charge people to use it and then open a clinic for holodeck junkies that can't support their families because they spend every penny on going to the holodeck.

Awh who am I kidding. I would be in the holodeck 24/7.  

Besides doesn't the holodeck replicate some things like food and water.  Like when Wesly walked out of the holodeck soaking wet.

Actually to be completely lazy just plug a wire into the back of my head like the Matrix.  Then I could play a fantasy role as a spy-shape-shifter.  That would be fun.

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