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Unity 'Pirate's Syndicate Campaign Begins ...


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Report this Oct. 23 2004, 4:57 pm

The 'Syndicate' Pirates have arrived in the 24th Century, long after the Borg and Dominion wars.

Now four full shielded races in SFC3 are playable.

Information on the campaign can be found at the Star Trek Gamers Directory, which sponsors Unity, and the Unity  Webpage:

This is a complete revamp of the mod and SFC3 from Activision and Taldren -- everything short of .exe changes were made.

The campaign was launched Oct. 23 on the Dynaverse and will run until there is an economic victory. The campaign will be scored on VC's and player kills. There is no LOS (line of supply) and no OA (operational area restrictions).

Ships in Unity include the Federation, Klingon, Borg, Romulan, Lyran, Vulcan, Gorn, RSC, Mirak, Hydran, Tholian, Breen, Vackan, Hyrogen, Ferrengi, Tolarian, Cardassian, Bajoran ...

The Syndicate are a relatively new organization born from the ashes of the former Orion Pirates. After the pull out of the Borg from the Alpha Quadrant the Syndicate soon joined with the Orion Pirates to form the Coalition of non-aligned worlds. Propoganda says that these world joined of there own free will however spies from the federation has dediced that these worlds are infact subjugated.

The worrying thing is the appearance of the Vackan who have not been around since the days of Kirk and Sulu. Having recently reappeared they have now added there vastly superior fleets to the coalition.


The Syndicate Pirates share technology from all races and have refitable Borg weaponry. Now there will be four shielded races in SFC3's Unity -- with a new race now with 70+ new ships and bases.

All total, there are nearly 400 ships and bases in Unity now.

The 50+ Borg remain as non-playable, but the Syndicate has managed to steal some Borg ships and caputured their technology. Cardassian, Rakellian and Ferrengi are also non-playable.

The Syndicate has captured other technology and ships from all taces and claimed them as their own.

Ships came from all over the galaxy of modders. From MajorRacal and James Formo to Thu11's (Ferrel Yards) and Lord D to Wicked Zombie and Nightsoft and Raven and the modders from Bridge Commander. EAW/OP modders, including Atrahasis and others contributed. Darkdrone from Armada II, models from Activision and more and more ... KoraH's Klingon, Vulcan, Federation and Romulan models and Gorn models remain. The Lyran remain with Klingons and the Breen remain with the Romulan race.

Klingon Academy and Bridge Commander ships were also transformed to SFC3 by Markyd and Grinch.

ThePelican, who does the Dominion wars mod for SFC3, helped with 8-bit texturing and we added more than 170 ships since we began revamping Captain KoraH's TNZ with his permission in November, 2003. It's hard to believe its almost been one year.

Missions are from ThePelican and el-Karnak.

With help from Unity modder Rivaris and ThePelican, we have reduced the size of the 250 meg total download while adding 70 more ships and bases.

New voices and taunts were added to the game also by Cozbo ... New weapons textures, targeting scopes and atmospheres were also added.

TNZ music was added from KoraH, which came from Chris Jones.

The text files are intact from the original modders and permissions given for cross-game transfers where necessary.

Our Unity modders and modelers -- Cozbo, Rivaris, Grinch, Markyd, LordFJord, Iceman (Jackal) ...

Thank you all.

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