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Which Race would you choose


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Assuming no racial abilities, I'd go with trill, with human as a close second, though being a devious, scheming romulan would be quite fun


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i love to play as a human


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I'm going to be what it say's on my Star Trek passport :rookie:


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I would jump at the chance to play a joined trill. It would be great to play as the symbiont, especially if there is perma-death. If a trill character died it would be just like the host dying. The symbiont would then be moved to a new host.

If secondary characters were allowed, then i'd choose cardassian. Being in the obsidian order really appeals to me.


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All the way, Andorian! :O


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see even on a poll this is why Perpetual Entertainment went with Klingons,Humans and vulcans at start as the Klingons are the 3rd popular choice to be in the start of the game


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This Poll also shows how little they knew about ST Canon when they started to develop this game. By now I had hoped their "expert" would have steered them in the right direction. Obviously not.

This is a huge project with much to consider. If PE wants to bear this load they will need to put more work into creating a true ST feel to the game. Their current selection of Race choices shows they are bowing to "popularity" instead of biting the bullet and doing the right thing. I know they hope that there will be enough ST sycophants that Launch will be great for them...of course 6 months down the road when the game has failed completly because of their mistreatment of the ST Universe they will wonder what happened to blind loyalty.

Again I would say those that wanted Klingons wanted a Klingon Faction, not having them bastardized into a Federation Race. That is the point they missed.

They should have asked, "What Federation Race Would You Choose?" and then created a Poll using Federation Races. But as I said they had little input on Canon when this Poll was first created, so I would say if they used this as the gauge to go by they have made a horrible, horrible error.


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The only way I can see the expansion pack factions idea working is a kind of transfer system (for example if you were a captain in Starfleet you would be a Gul in Cardassian space)

You should get a similliar ship and the same prestiege/latinum/xp (whatever...i dont know)


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That's the only way the the experiencd player would switch over to the new addon.

Think of it this way, you are now an Admiral, you controll your own battle group. And, now a new game addon comes out, but you have to start from the bottom.

It would not pick up easy, with the more experienced players, unless they can transfer their skills to the new addon and chose the new race at about the same level as them.

Now this rases the dilema that you will now have high ranking people who dont have experience with the way the race runs. This could spell disaster.

So the only way I can see this solved is if you dont start te new race totaly new but, rather at an allready pre-determined level. And only totaly new players start off at the start.


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Necromancy is bad.


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whoah boy is this thread old!

anyways in reply to turbinator, as a roleplayer i certainly wont ever use character transfer, the journey to Gul would be far more entertaining than just starting as one. For me the main aspect is the adventure and not whether or not i have leet skillz on my character when i start.


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Good point.

I don't know what else to say, so I guess that settles that.


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it's still an idea i'm sure alot would like, us roleplayers are only a small faction in MMO's and even then there's probably some who'd want to play a specific rank but dont want to have to grind to get there :)

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