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Would it ever be possible??


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(a) holodecks
Not a problem. We've almost got the technology to do the 3D image manipulation type stuff- it's only the 'making it solid' part that's a problem. And even that could be countered nowadays so not only is it probably but currently possible with minimal extra research.
(b) warp drive
I would love to believe it was possible but unfortunately the power requirements would be phenomenal unless we discover a way of moving in a completely different manner. Probable in the long term but improbable in the short term.
(although, I believe that physics has discovered various things, like quantum entanglement and the movement of electrons, that allows things to be moved instantaneously so with some more research on practical applications maybe we could get faster than Star Trek by the end of the century!;)
© replicators
Not a problem as long as Transporters and so on are working. Again, though, power is a consideration.
(d) transporters
Either covered by use of instantaneous travel methods (see above- Warp Drive) or by other methods like breaking everything down and transferring it as either matter or energy this idea is probable. Again, with proper funding and research we could have it working by the end of the century. Power delivery is a major concern still, though.


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Hey Locutoes: have a little faith. Just 'cause we have a working model ("theory") of the Universe doesn't mean that we know all there is to know about it. What that means is that at this point in our evolution, this is what we know. It's a vast expanse out there, where absolutely anything is possible.

Previous cosmological theory speculated that the universe exploded from a single, extremely dense cluster of matter and expanded to fill the void. Eventually gravitational forces would contract matter back into a dense little ball only to repeat the process. Current theory now postulates that the universe is forever expanding and the distances between current clusters of matter (galaxies?) will continue to expand forever. This is what we think we know, NOW; maybe latter we'll know something different.

Within the context of the original question; holodecks, replicators and transporters would probably use the same innovative technologies developed from similar, concurrent research. Warp drive or a similar concept would give us a revolutionary means of transportation, but you're right; it might not be the technology that we're familiar with from the "Star Trek Universe".  But it could be just as efficient (or better!;) and a whole lot of fun.

The point, I think, is to allow ourselves to dream of the possibilities; and maybe someday (once we know more) we can make it happen.


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Quote (trekkigirlbug @ Oct. 18 2004, 5:40 am)
Do you think that it would ever be possible for us to create...

(a) holodecks
(b) warp drive
) replicators
(d) transporters?

I don't know myself but I think it would be cool to be able to.

(a) Yes, the military is already building interactive computer simulations using projected images in a specially built room. In a few decades the projected images may become 3d and use forcefields (if they're invented by then) to make them solid.

(b) Warp drive...well, the first step toward that would be ion propulsion and that will slowly start to replace liquid fuel rockets. Warp drive uses a controlled matter/antimatter reaction, but anti-matter is really hard to create. Right now there is only about 14 particles of anti-matter on the planet all in huge cyclotrons.

© Replicators--the basis of replicators is that the computer can arrange molecules to create any substance...this could be possible in our lifetime.

(d) Transporters--completely possible. Technically the object wouldn't be teleported, instead it would be scanned, have its pattern sent to its destination and the original would be destroyed. What comes out the other side would be a copy that's hopefully a flawless facsimile. However, would you have this done to yourself?? Would it really be you or a clone of you? What happens to your soul?

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