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Report this Oct. 15 2004, 2:45 pm

It is the year 2385 (five years after Star Trek: Nemesis). The Federation has a new enemy, the Zingarians. Located on the edge of the Alpha Quadrant, their territory is vast and their temperment is warlike. Until now they did not know of the existence of any more species in the Alpha Quadrant. That has all changed.

With news that the Zingarians are preparing to invade Earth, the Federation decides to build a large convoy of ships that will travel to the edge of the Beta Quadrant and set up a New Federation. Along with several Titan-class colony ships and starships to protect them, the USS Dragon has been assigned to coordinate the recolonization.

In the face of the Zingarian threat, the Dragon and its valiant crew are the Federation's last hope. . . .
We still have openings in
Chief intellegence
Chief Science
Chief Counselor
Marine xo
Deputy ops
Deputy Helm
Deputy engineer
Chief Tactical/ Security may be opening
And much much more
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