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Holodecks and you....


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Report this Oct. 14 2004, 8:35 pm

Hey again everyone, I was thinking about this earlier, and I just wanted to give a few thoughts about Holodecks in STO and the possibilities that they bring.

First of all, these have to be pretty high on most peoples list of things they want to see. And really, they dont pose too much of a technical issue. They could be essentially a dynamic zone. Whoever runs the program chooses what they want to run, and itll load the map just like in some MMOs or in an FPS. Some could have special rules, be it low gravity or other physic changes, or even mini-games like hover-ball. Now, of course those examples would be very difficult if not impossible for anyone other than a dev to make, and hopefully it wouldnt be to much to ask for something that could add quite a bit to game in absence of an extensive loot or crafting system (which some people enjoy as diversions, and might not fit well into the ST universe).

However, as fun as dev made programs would be, they wouldnt satisfy everyone, and might even get old (we cant expect them to just make new programs all day). So that leaves us with another option. Player created programs. Now, I realize we might not get to do as much as a dev could with it. But it still has interesting possibilities. Especially when you look at the kind of things more mod-able games (like FPSs) come up with. I still remember playing on the original Enterprise map from Elite Force.

How would we be able to do this you wonder? Well, with any creative outlet you need a way to focus it, a map-making system. Maybe where we choose certain rules for the zone, like Combat allowed (PvP, PvE, Twitch, toHit, anything you can imagine could be possible), gravity, anything that can be realistically made into a variable. Making the maps themselves could be a difficult task. Either make an in-game system with
pre-fabs and terrain choices. Similar to the tile system of games like Evil Genius. And/Or something for the more skilled mapmakers, an off-line application, either downloadable or packaged with the game. Something like Q3Radient. Maps made are say, stored in a folder of programs, where you can put them up for download (in-game might be a hassle, but even if makers could only put them up on fan sites it would certainly be unique and put STO on the map, not to mention the must-have list as far as MMOs go).

Granted this would take a LOT of work on the Devs part, but for what is possible (namely, anything. Yes, even Human 3d-chess boards ;)) I believe it would very much be worth I and it would allow for a new mission opportunity (How many times have they been trapped in a Holodeck accident? I lost count after 100.).

Wirth consideration, and it could open up STO to the mod community at large (one of the two things ST gamers are best known for, great maps/mods, and starting clan wars ;)). Even if in the future new game modes could be added, like a conquest mode where two teams duke it out in an SFCish universe. Ill say again, its asking a lot. But we deserve it, really. :p

EIDT: I made it a poll so I could see what you guys think, since not everyone likes to post.

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