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Theories On Teleportation


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Quote (Start_Wreck @ Nov. 18 2004, 6:29 am)
Quote (Whitestar7 @ Nov. 18 2004, 6:13 am)
Alright, allow me clarify this. When you're in energy form you are not alive anymore. By the same token, you are not alive when your atoms are separated. But here is the distinction: I would imagine that the separted atoms will have a better chance of being resurrected and thus survive once they are reassembled flawlessly, as opposed to being converted into energy, where there is zero chance of resurrection/survival when the process is reversed.

But why...?
The process is reversed in both situations; you're 'killed' in both situatons; you're put back together again exactly as before in both situations.
Where's the distinction?

As long as the atoms are not converted into energy in the first place, the possibility of resurrection/survival are greater because I have reason to believe that it is somewhat similar to suspended animation. Then again, I think the person would probably be dead anyway. Whether the transporter works by disassembling you or converting you into energy or both, I would not want to chance it. Would you?



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Meh. Maybe. If it was proven technology I wouldn't really mind.
I don't believe in the 'soul' as such anyway, so...

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