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Report this Oct. 05 2004, 8:07 pm

The year is 2405, The scene is any Hot spot that the best of the best are needed at.
Upon return to Federation space after nearly six months of deep-space adventures,
the Dauntless prepares for its next mission, but just where that will take us, no one knows.

Adventure and excitement awaits the crew. Welcome to the USS Dauntless.
The Dauntless is a new NX Ship based on the plans from Seven and Belanna Torres.
The ship has a prototype working slipstream drive and can travel outside of the Galaxy.

Openings: ALL Departments

Sim Info:
Name: USS Dauntless
Type: Email Sim (PBeM)
Hosts: FSF Dalchron ( & FSF Jace (
Fleet: Omega Fleet (
Year: 2405
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