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When Darkness envelopes the world


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Report this Oct. 05 2004, 7:54 pm

Through the darkness of the stars and the endless void of space, a mysterious green cloud surrounds the Alpha Quadrant.
Horrible screams penetrate the cosmos as realization sets in that this new enemy is the most lethal the Federation has ever experienced.
The Borg Collective is no longer in the command of the Borg Queen, a new
Leader has risen. A leader whose evil has never been imagined, Sion "Xatrix" Logan.
Now it's up to whats left of the Federation to save the remainder of the Quadrant from a terrible destiny. No words can convey the seriousness and desperation of this final battle. We fight for very our existence    . Join us!


Sim Info:
Name: Dark Frontier
Type: Email Sim (PBeM)
Hosts: FSF Tommy ( & TBA
Fleet: Epsilon Fleet (
Year: 2384
Message Board:
Rating: PG13

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