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Aliens! ?


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Report this Oct. 12 2004, 12:40 pm

We can only hope that we found some bodies like vulcans :) and they give us all their technologies :laugh:

I also believe that there is many other humanoid life forms...I mean not so similar to us like in star trek...but two legs two hands one head :) of course it would better to find an exactly humanoid life would be easier to make a contact...

may be we just one of humanoids colonies in the galaxy that lost its own real history by some reason!? who knows where mankind was born...and where is our home planet... (just a theory)

you can ask what about all those neanderthals.....may be its just a mutations...or they was already exist here before we come...

well...although Darwin theory is not confirming for now....they cant find connecting section of human evolution....

what about all those archeological evidence of present human presence milions of years on earth

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