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Alien Bash @ Star Trek:The Experience Oct. 29th


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Report this Oct. 04 2004, 12:27 am

Hello all! Just curious whether anyone here was planning to attend the Alien Bash at ST:TE October 29th? My wife and I are going, along with a buddy of mine, and I've talked to people on the ST:TE message board from as far away as Australia who're planning to be there. I'm going as a Ferengi (an unreasonably tall and skinny Ferengi) and my wife'll be an Andorian. I've even talked my friend Tim into a set of pointed ears or at least a Bajoran nose ridge.

Star Trek:The Experience is a great place to be any time, but it positively shines around Halloween. The local costumers come out of the woodwork - both Star Trek and other sci-fi including some truly impressive Star Wars costumers - and the place fills to the rafters with Klingons.

I'm looking forward to a fabulous party on DS9 this Halloween weekend!

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