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Zeta Squadron (Recruiting)


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Report this Sep. 16 2004, 2:13 am

Guild Name: Zeta Squadron (Name may change later)

Affiliation: United Federation of Planets, Starfleet

Races:  All are welcome

Player types: Casual and Power gammer alike.  All are welcome

Website: (underconstruction on

Mission Statement: This guild is formed to create a fair game enviornment for all players.  All members will respect each others rights.  Teamwork will be an essential component to this guild.  The guild will be made of all varieties and classes of players.  All memebers are expected to be active members of the guild.  The group goals must come before the individual game concerns.  

Orginization:  As a StarFleet orginization we will employ a rank system similar to StarFleet which is based on the modern US Navy.  All enlisted and officer paygrades will be included up to the rank of Captain.  Meaning E1:06 (Crewman Apprentice-Captain).  

Roleplaying:  A bit of casual role playing is always appreciated.  You will not be forced to particapte howver, you will be asked to respect the right of those wishing to engage in RP.  

Leadership:  The exact leadership of the guild will follow Starfleet (US Navy) orginization.  A captain, an executive officer (1st officer), department heads, division officers, then the crew.  The actual governemnt of the guild will consit of a coucil of members.  The council will include elected and perminant members.  Intially the Captain and XO will be permiant and one elected member each with an eqaul vote.  This council will grow with guild size.

I have found that this orginization sturctre uites all memebrs as a team and ensures ordeer while avoiding tyrants and keeping all members active in the guild.  

Overall we are looking to create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere.  We expect mature players who will be on borad for the team and respect each other and aid each other when ever possible.  We will sponsor multiple guild events in aspect of the game.

If interested please post a reply, send a message to ellessar direclty on the forms or email me at  Thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing you out there.

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