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What starfleet profession?


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I have listed the Stafleet profession areas with their uniform color, bridge position (if any) and example people from the series (I do not list non-starfleet personel from DS9 since they did not have starfleet rank or uniform).

Please vote and comment on your vote and explain your choice if you wish.

This vote is based on the fact that as the FAQ states that right now we will only be able to be starfleet (but I have taken the freedom to add starfleet support roles that are seen on the ships now and then).


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Possible bridge position and uniform color on the Counselor got mixed up, but you get the idea.



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I am always one for Command...dont like it any other way!!!


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same, but if i couldn't get there, i'd have to be a flight officer


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Start in either medicine or Engineering and move into Command at a later date


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He he... lots of captains and low on crewmembers it seems.



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Medical, because the doc is the only one that can give the captain orders ;).


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Definately security, a bad ### like Worf!


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Engineering, assuming it is more like this than just fixing random conduits. Even then, it might be fun to interact with people and just be a very knowledgeable Chief Engineer.


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ya figures....too many wannabe captains so on that note, i hope were not to dependent on Real live crews and are able to use npcs
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It seems there are too many skippers and not enough crew.  Well that is the way it always seems isn't it?  That kind of senario has the perfect setting for the destruction of a military.  A military where officers outnumber the enlisted cannot function.  In a naval oriented system sych as ST teh ratio needs to be at least 20:1 enlisted to officer and when it comes to a captain it would be hundreds to one.  But, I doubt the game will do that.

My expericne in these MMORGs is that everyone thinks they want to runa  guild, clan, crew of a starship, ect then they find out how much work is invovled and quikcly subbordinate to someone else.  Runing a guild in one of these games is almost like having a job.  If nothing else it eats up loads of your online game time.  Most of your time is spent answering emails, seeing to member concerns, creating and enforing policy, ensuring order, answering instant messages, seeing to recruit matters.  Basically everything a real leader would do.  It is a tone of work to runa  real guild in one of these games.  Believe me I have done it many times.


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While voting, I noticed that there weren't all that may people in science.....

So while I voted for counselor, I might be persuaded to take a post at science..I should be an expert at it, having done science on three ST mu**s as at least 3 or four different characters...none of them Vulcan, btw..!

(hey someone has to carry the spears for the rest of you guys!)

Also one observation, again from my mu** days (and yes, I know you kids are getting sick of that phrase, mu**)and from being on SWG: You cannot really have an economy without people to generate it. If being on a starship isn't your cup of tea, you might want to look at being a merchant, or an adventurer, or if they are allowed, professions such as tailor, architech, medic/doctor, or entertainment (dabo girl, dancer, musician). The UFP may be an utopia where money no longer matters, but, in any game I've been in, econ was what kept the game moving along.


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Well, I guees is that most people that want to become CO or XO have to start in one of the other areas and owrk their way up, and hopefully you cant get a permanent comission without a "crew" (being leader of a player guild with at least 10 members for example) so that there will be some limit to the ability to become captain (or commander) permanently on a ship.

It will be fun to see how they will handle this in the game. Really fun, since I myself wants to go for captain (but I have about 15 buddies who mostly wants to be crew, some wants to be commander)


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I think that security is a pretty safe profession. Even if you dont get a seat on the bridge, there is still plenty of stuff to do. e.g. fighting off boarding parties, keeping the away teams alive on away missions, restraining senior officers when a new spatial anomaly causes them to go insane every couple days, etc.


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I went with Command.  I enjoy the Captain's chair and the fun and responsibilities that go along with it!  Can't wait to take command of a Galaxy-class beauty and sail through the universe with her!

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