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what would you name your ship?

Matthias Russell

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There are a lot of Excaliburs in the game.  Probably the most popular single name.  I have my Galaxy Dreadnaught named excalibur-A saying it is a refit of Mackenzie Calhoun's ship.


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The USS Battlestar Babylon NCC-X-Wing


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USS Strider, named after Aragorn's alias from LOTR. Or USS Palomino, named after the ship from Disney's "The Black Hole"



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USS Adventure or USS Dakota Spirit.


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I would name it after Johny Crunch's yacht from "The Adventures of Ford Fairlane".......The Mighty P*N*S

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I would use a combination of different names like

U.S.S. Jolsaldana or a combination of Angelina Jolie and Zoe Saldana. The ship would be the size of a large frigate sleek fast like Zoe Saldana's curves are while having powerful defenses and weapon's based upon Angelina Jolie being powerful both on the defensive and offensive.

U.S.S. Bennington - Named after the Bennington Rifles

Try different combinations of personalities using various ancient gods and goddesses. You will come up with some interesting ship name.

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Quote: /view_profile/ @


I'll take "very cool references" for 1,000, Alex.


I read a lot of Clive Cussler's works, and that's what's coming to mind. Damn, now I'm going to have to research the N.U.M.A. files!

Got It!

"The Invincible was commissioned in 1836. She was schooner rigged and a very fast sailer for her time. An ex-slaver built in Baltimore, she displaced 125 tons and was approximately 90 feet long. Manned by a crew of 40, her reported armament consisted of two 18 pounders, two 9 pounders, and four 6 pounders.

She was responsible for the capture of several Mexican ships that were supplying Santa Ana's armies, playing a heavy role in aiding Houston and the Texas forces during the days after the Alamo."

I wonder how many folks realiize that The Republic of Texas even had it's own navy!

What did I win?

CORPORATIONS AREN'T PEOPLE! Soylent Green is people.


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Probably the USS Curian after Marie Curie.

Or the USS Bassler after Bonnie Bassler, a pioneer in microbiology.

And it would be a science vessel of course!


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my ship would be called the uss vulcantie


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Probably USS Equinox i love that name!


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Or i'd call it USS Michael after my dad who passed on some time ago, he absolutealy loved star trek!!!!

Trekkie 12

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I named my ship the USS Shenipa. It sounded cool and slightly Vulcan, since of course I am Vulcan.

T'Kir, Chief Ambassador. Shadow Dragon Fleet

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Six of Nine

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I named mine the Hawkeyes


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In Beta it was the USS Macho Grande .

In Live I currently run the Falcon Ridge for my liberated borg engineer that I am leveling.  I kept my auxilleries to series naming runabout is the Patuxant, for example. 

My Tactical Admiral can be found on the USS Tempest or the USS Growler


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Same ship I am a part of in the PEBM game I am with, ASR. (alt startrek RPG)

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