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what would you name your ship?


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I'd call my ship the USS Flare. 'Course, I could also call it the USS Melody or the USS Harmony.

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All the people who post ship names, do you play the game or plan to? Cause this subforum doesn't seem to get much activity outside this thread. No offense, I just find it odd.


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i want to play but my com is a piece of crap . and my ship would be USS ARCAIN 0029 excel



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Prometheus class USS TokenA5thJ NCC-91978
Defiant class USS Ironhide NCC-90678
Well, the tactical toon i rolled is in honor of my little brother. So the ships' names in some way are a tribute to my brother. He left us to "Walk with the Prophets" in November 2007.


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The USS Poo Poo Monkey Pants

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The USS Dreadnought


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goldy lockzy lott shit for brains

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USS Amazon, Defiant class. She'd definitely have to be a warship.

In honor of the Union ship of the same name self-destructed (i.e. sunk) to help prevent Confederate sailors from running the blockade. And, of course, for the Amazon women of Greek myth themselves, who fought against the patriarchy that oppressed their sisters.

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My ship would be a Klingon BOP the qiB Rad which is klingon for Shadow Force.

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I would name my ship the USS Liberator after the world war two bomber my grandfather was on during the war.

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The USS Gumption from the 'Bill the Galactic Hero' series.


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USS Sabertooth


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U.S.S. Adventurer N.C.C. 18043.  My family has always been up for an adventure!!


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U.S.S. Fire Dancer

a song we might be playing in band this year. I hate the French Horn part, but the song has promise...

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If I had a ship, there's two names I'd likely choose:

1. ASF Singularity (ASF standing for Algaran Space Fleet. It's a part of my story.)

2. USS Prime, NX-8270, an experimental vessel that is not one of the existing classes (Also a part of my story).

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