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what would you name your ship?

Matthias Russell

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I fly around in my sovereign class Endurance, named for ernest shackleton's ship and a galaxy dreadnought named excalibur that is supposed to be a refit of mackenzie calhoun's ship.


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I've had several names for different ships. One is the U.S.S. Infinity, tasked with exploring beyond the Tholian Interphase in a story concept I have in mind....or the Swift, a smaller vessel I had considered in a post-Endgame concept for Tuvok as commander, and several other STV characters...

''If I were captain, i'd open every crack in the universe, and peek inside, just like Captain Janeway does''-Kes, ''The Cloud''


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OSS(Onea star-ship) Fate

we decide fate, fate decides us


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U.S.S. Equinox

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captain saavik

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When I'm playing, I've named my ships after famous ship disasters, which would be more than useful to explain why after every rank promotion, you get a new class of ship. At current, I'm in charge of the USS Titanic, The USS Hindenburg, The USS Exxon Valdez, and the USS Edmund Fitzgerald. The IKS ship I use is noteably named the IKS NuQdaH'PucHpe Which is a contraction for the Klingon phrase "Where is the Bathroom?


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USS Spector - after the main ship in the Star Trek rpg I briefly ran.

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U.S.S. Kodiak NCC 21437


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USS Interstellar

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I had two when i played...The first was a Miranda and i named it the Nausicaa and the Second was a Constitution which i named the Pantheon.

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I'd go for something completely original that's never been done before. Maybe USS Enterprise?


I have no idea. I'd just pick something that sounded cool.


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USS RONAN after my youngest son.

bortaS bIr jablu'DI' reH QaQqu' nay'.

John Woods

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U.S.S. Endeavor


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The USS Ronan after my youngest son.

bortaS bIr jablu'DI' reH QaQqu' nay'.


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USS Halsey Powell, after my grandfather's WWII destroyer.

Matthew Rogan

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