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Unofficial STO FAQ


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Report this Dec. 14 2004, 1:59 am

Valksir information hasn't been released of this nature yet, but will be. While the game has been announced, there are still many aspects of it that are being design at the moment, hence why other then the announcment no furthur information has been publicly released. You will see more information about the game released in 2005 as design decisions are formalized and gameplay is hammered out. At the moment Perpetual is in a quiet 'heads down' phase working out all the details.

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Well, I suppose we have more than a year to get these questions answered and finalized, so I can wait a little longer to truly begin exploring.  Besides, unless Perpetual has a ton of people working on this game, I honestly don't see it being done until later than a 2006 beta.  Not trying to be a naysayer, just realistic.


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Report this Dec. 29 2004, 10:51 am

Anyone who wants to know how game play will be can look at EverQuest II or World of Warcraft.  These new games display a wealth of oppertunities for solo and group play.  They are the current state of the art.  Take EQII and change the images from medieval to Star Trek and you will see what ST Online could be.

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I don't agree. Not totally, anyway. I agree with the sentiment that EQII and the likes have made massive leaps in online game playing. But for this game to succeed commercially it needs to break new ground, go where nobody else has gone and do things completely unique to the genre.

There is a great many people, trekkies all, who hated Elite Force. Why? Because they played Quake III and loved it. EF was too much like Quake III skinned with a few bolt on bits. Are we sure we want another reskinned action or reskinned mmorpg game? Or do we want something new to chew on, which will keep us hungry for years to come?


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Report this Jan. 21 2005, 12:43 am

Is this FAQ ever going to be updated? Otherwise I dont see why it should be stuck right now. It links to way OLD threads which have been covered in the new FAQ and various updates from Perpetual etc, and all those fansites listed- the only two that are even alive are and so that needs sorting. Half of the 'Game Questions' have been answered (and are listed here as unanswered)

I think one of the staff should update it or PM the author or unstick it.


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Report this Jan. 21 2005, 11:47 am

It has not been updated as there has not been much to update it with.  And yes it will be updated today with the new FAQ posted yesterday.

And please, let's keep this thread for FAQ questions/submissions and not to debate other topics.


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Report this Jan. 27 2005, 10:02 am

Will there be a list where you can choose out of names?

How much will the fee be?

Will the Beta be a free test version?


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Quote (Vapie16 @ Jan. 26 2005, 3:02 pm)
Will there be a list where you can choose out of names?

How much will the fee be?

Will the Beta be a free test version?

1) Probably not, you're most likely ot be able to type in your own name, however this may be restricted eg. no numbers, no rude words, real chatacyers

Will there be a monthly fee?
Yes, it will be competitive with other products of our genre.

The fee is not determined at this point

3) Unknown. But beta is usually free, we can be sure of a closed beta though...


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Report this Feb. 03 2005, 11:26 pm

I'm wondering if you can choose to be part of Star Fleet Intelligence?? :question:


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Report this Feb. 04 2005, 11:45 am

This is great thanks so much! BTW the Scifi site is back up now.:)


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Report this Feb. 08 2005, 12:10 pm

nice, thx for the FAQ, came in very handy when getting to the forums for the first time just now :)

ps. Hi all :p


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Report this Feb. 26 2005, 12:10 am

I think this should be destickified, it's monstorously out of date, leads to threads from september and half the sites listed dont work etc

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