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pay AND no pay acounts


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why don't you make 2 types of accounts, unlimited and limited,unlimited is for payers and you get everything but limited you only get to be in starfleet and human and the map is smaller.Limited is for people who don't have the money to pay


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There will be monthly fee's.

It's unavoidable for games like this....


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Theres no advantage to them to have a non-pay account, it would cost them the same to run the servers for you.


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I agreww with Borg_Unicomplex, This game will be monthly fees, you will probably get your first month free, you will probably see trial accounts at some point. But for this type of game a sustained level of service is needed and to pay for that service you need to have monthly fees.


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Besides there is no way to cut the game up like that... an MMO is an mmo. Its all or nothing. Given the nature of this being a StarTrek game, this will come up ALOT.


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For those of you who are hoping for no-monthly-fee accounts in a MMOG:

Get real. The vast majority of MMOGs have a monthly fee between 10 and 15 U.S. dollars per month, to cover server expenses and what not. If you want a game that has no monthly fee, go look for Guild Wars.. which hasn't been released yet. (I tried the E3 demo.. wasn't bad for a game that wasn't even into beta yet, at that point) Even with GW's lack of a monthly fee, they'll be looking to make their money from an increase in paid expansions. So technically you CAN play GW without a monthly fee, but in the vast majority of cases, you will not want to.

Look on the bright side: The monthly fee from MMOGs weeds out *MOST* of the true hardcore grief-players.. you know of or have heard of the type: They're like dedicated team-killers in first-person shooters.. and they do it because they can get on whatever free server they wish to in the FPS and just harass everyone on the server that they can. Not saying there aren't jerks in MMOGs.. but the monthly fee filters out quite a few of them.


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I don't know if any of you have heard of a game called RuneScape (I play it) its a MMORPG. It does have a pay and a free account system, where there are lots of "members only" items and areas. I personally think this system works, and I don't see why the same system can't be incorperated into STO.


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to have a MMO you need to have a large continueous revenue or else the servers cant be updated and new content cant be added


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The scale and size of this MMOG...could have the potential to be the biggest of it's time....Monthly fee's are unavoidable..


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Pay and No pay accounts aren't realistic.

Now,  Pay and PAY MORE accounts are. Just think Legends server on EQ.


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As long as they dont charge as much as RO.....$30 american for 30 thats an insane price....


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Runescape cost about #10k to make, with the amount of players they can get that back through advertising.

STO will cost in exessive of #20,000,000.
Try and find a away around monthly fee's and you'll be  amillionaire, but you cant so deal with it.


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There is one thing that everybody needs to get locked in right now..

This WILL be a pay to play game!

There is just no way to support a game of its projected scale without a contiual source of income. Everything from the massive bandwith, bug fixes, continual content updates ect requires a subscription fee and there is no way around it.

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Quote (Thunderwulf @ Sep. 10 2004, 5:37 am)
Pay and No pay accounts aren't realistic.

Now, Pay and PAY MORE accounts are. Just think Legends server on EQ.

This is something I must agree with, for a start, everyone pays- its only fair really, this game is going to take a huge investment of time and effort on all sides.

But a scale system of monthly payments is a realistic way to allow a range of people to have access to the game, with 'basic accounts' allowing for access to the universe, basic interaction and so on, and a layer of premium accounts allowing for upgrading your character, accessing extra areas on a ship, such as the holodeck and so on.

Roll on STO! :D


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While we know that pay to play sucks a little, there are really the only source for keeping the servers up and running, and for the developers to keep adding new stuff to a mmog to keep it fresh and new, so that it will always be something worthy to play.

I'm surprised I just said that.

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