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pay to play


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lol...all this talk about pay to play....I have 3 accounts on Asheron's call and one for Asheron's Call 2...4x12.95 a month (assuming AC2 is 12.95, which I don't remember) comes to 51.80/month for my gaming...and it is worth every last penny.

Oh, and that is US$, that doesn't include exchange rates (stupid worthless Canadian dollar).


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Quote (Borg_Unicomplex @ Sep. 08 2004, 2:21 am)
Paying is unavoidable with an MMORPG of this scale...they have to keep it running which means monthly fees

Exactly, Look at SWG, they have got a fee and still LOADS of people play it. You are going to have to think is it worth it for you?

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paying is really not a problem for playing a Star Trek MMORPG  :)


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bottom line, if you aren't willing to pay for a quality well maintained game, then don't, leave it to those of us who are willing to pay for the services being provided.


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to who ever it was that said they could host their own mmorpg i doubt that, we arent talking a fps like typhoon rising where the server doesnt really do much and it is mostly client side processing. in this kind of game 80% of the work is done on server clusters the size of my house. very little is done on the client end. this makes it extremly hard to cheat and hack the system since nothing is really done on you computer


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I think MMORPGs can benefit from 2 options:

1) Loyalty bonus. Prepay for 3 months and get a 4th free or get a discounted rate for prepaying for a several months. Many games already offer this and I think more will in the future as competition increases.

2) Some sort of prize for those who have played a long time or meet certain criteria. This way you will have something tangible to show for your investment. Most fantasy sport leagues already offer something like this.

Also, longtime players should get a discount on future expansions.


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MMORPG's have HUGE continuing costs that most people don't understand.  An MMO is nothing like a stand alone as it requires constant work, maintenance and production costs.  Your X-Box game, when shipped, is all done.  Rarely is another hour of time spent developing it after that.  An MMO is constantly under development, payment of servers, etc.  A single purchase doesn't work in this model.  It is like saying you should only have to pay for Cable TV or your ISP once.

As for rewards, many games do offer what are called "Veteran Rewards" where those who have played the game for some time are given special gifts through the system.


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There's no possibility of the average home user being able to host an MMORPG, assuming each player needed 4kB/s from the server when busy, if you have 400 players then you have 1600kB/s, 2000 players would be 8000kB/s, or 7.8125MB/s which is 62.5 megabits per second - I don't think many home connections can cope with this, personally, and that's not bringing in matters like server load (having 2000 people generate complex commands on one PC will probably make your system crash before half of them had entered a command), and database access.

Then you have to pay the people to maintain the game and continue development, which isn't all for expansion packs.

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