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Report this Sep. 01 2005, 3:52 am

Name: Kevin L Smith
Location: Ogden, UT
Age: 34
Favorite Series: Star Trek, Battlestar Gallactica on Scifi, The Ellen Show, Punk'd & Who's Line is it Anyway.
Favorite Game: Railroad Tycoon III

MMO's Played: Ultima Online, Earth & Beyond, Neocron & Starwars Galaxies.

I played UO for a long time but quit a few years ago once the carebears had all but destroyed the fun in Felucca; I was a thief.

Neocron was the first mmorpg I played after UO that I really enjoyed playing, but playing outside instead of inside the city or in the underground was unplayable; which I assume was because the server is in germany, not sure.

Star Wars Galaxies was also a nice game, needless to say, it looks good.  Overall though, the professions I wanted to play were not allowed, mainly thief type.  It's EQ in space and kids with credit cards own it, not roleplayers.

I like roleplaying a thief becuase it's fun, not becuase I like to steal.

I've always wanted to try out Shadowbane, but just haven't gotten around to it.  At least they have a thief class.

Look very much toward STO.  Can't wait.  I hope the game is as good as it should be.  If STO is a success, I'll probly never bother with another mmorpg, even if I can't be a thief.


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Location:Rutherfordton, North Carolina
Favorite Series: the war years of DS9 and ST: Voyager.
Favorite Game:Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic..
MMO's Played:WOW,EQ,EQII,SWG,and several other free trials from DOAC to Ultama.

Really happy that they are making a star trek mmorpg its like a dream come true and made by a group of star trek fans HOOAH!!!


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Report this Sep. 02 2005, 6:38 am

Name: Max Klijnstrs
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Age: 14
Favorite Series: Star Trek,Starwars, Punk'd & Who's Line is it Anyway.
Favorite Game: World of Warcraft
MMO's Played: Runescape, Earth & Beyond, World of Warcraft, Starwars Galaxies, EVE  Online.

I played Runescape when I was young, took 14 day trials for EVE, SWG and E&B.
played WoW for 6 months, and now waiting for STO :)

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