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Introduce yourself!


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Just thought it would be nice if we all got to know each other a little. So here goes..

Favorite Series:
Favorite Game:
MMO's Played:

Ill start it off..

Name: Thunderwulf
Location: Albany, NY
Age: 30
Favorite Series: DS9
Favorite Game: Deus Ex, HL, BF1942
MMO's Played: Underlight, Everquest, DAOC, Ultima Online, City of Heroes, SWG, Earth and Beyond, Anarchy Online


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Name: BaDDaSS
Location: London
Age: 18
Favorite Series: Voyager
Favorite Game: Counter-Strike: Source
MMO's Played: A3, Neocron, Dome of York, Star Wars Galaxies, Legend of Mir, Lineage II, Eve Online, Graal Online, The Sims Online. And various trials.


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Name: djsandman
Location: Valdosta, GA
Age: 23
Favorite Series: TNG or DS9
Favorite Game: Doom 3, Matrix Online
MMO's Played: City of Heroes, FFXI, soon MxO, various trials


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Name: Demobot (Demo for short)
Location: Canada
Age: 25
Favorite Series: DS9
Favorite Game:  Dominion Wars
MMO's Played: Earth and Beyond Demo


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Name: Rhino88
Location: Australia
Age: 16
Favorite Series: TNG and DS9
Favorite Game: Elite Force 1, SW KOTOR, UT 2004, NOLF 2, Doom 3, F1 09-02 and GTA VC
MMO's Played: Starwars Galaxies (First mmorpg I played, and I hated it)

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Location: San Jose CA
Favorite Series:Voyager, Second Generation
Favorite Game:Privateer
MMO's Played:Eve Online, AO, SWG, AC1 and AC2


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Name: Moloko (aka Knuckles)
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Favorite Series: TNG - Voy
Favorite Game: WoW, BC, SFC3, Halflife(CS), UTseries
MMO's Played: UO, RO, EQ, FFXIonline, WoWbeta

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Quote (Thunderwulf @ Sep. 07 2004, 5:35 pm)

Name: Djin [Matthew Fusco]
Location: New London, Connecticut
Age: 24
Favorite Series: To many to list...
Favorite Game: Also to many to list...  right now playing Star Wars Galaxies and Battlefield Vietnam
MMO's Played: I've started to play MMORPGs back in 1994 when the Ultima Online Alpha stage was around.  Since then I've played over 25 different MMORPGs to date.  Currently sucked in the world of Star Wars.

I'm glad they have finally listened to our cries and started to make a real sci-fi MMORPG. :)

Glad to be here.


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Name: Kallias Saiyan Hughes
Location: Barrhead, Alberta, Canada
Age: 17
Favorite Series: TNG and DS9 for Trek...I also like CSI and Stargate
Favorite Game: Dont play many games...but i would have to say SFC 2
MMO's Played: Ragnarok Online.....SFC3 Dynaverse...


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Name: Talonmane
Location: Denver
Age: 39
Favorite Series: Star Trek, original series
Favorite Game: tough call...there are so many over the years. I think it would be Starflight overall, but in the modern era, DAoC is taking much of my attention (I have played a wide spectrum of PC titles since the beginning of PCs...certanly not all, but many-many)
MMO's Played: can't think of any I haven't...

I've been involved with Star Trek RPG and tactical tabletop games since before the PC era. Not a big trekkie convention-goer, but once in a while.

(as the word of this game gets out, this forum will see many folks who don't come from electronic game backgrounds but instead from Trekker backgrounds, or those who are will be interesting to see those who post no game experience but a vast interest in Trek...)


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Location:Southern California
Favorite Series:TNG
Favorite Game:ST:Armada 2(I run a ST Gamming Clan in it and a few other games)
MMO's Played:SWG is the only one realy. Ive played a little of a few other to.


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Gosh, do i really need an introduction?  

Name: Sgt. Slaughter
Location: South Georgia
Age: 29
Favorite Series: Enterprise !!!
Favorite Game: Klingon Academy, Bridge Commander
MMO's Played: Eve online stinks !!


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Name: longklaw
Location: Mississippi
Age: 25
Favorite Series: TNG
Favorite Game: Halo
MMO's Played: Star Wars Galaxies, Final Fantasy XI, City of Heroes, PlanetSide


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Name: Apoth or Matic I usually go by
Location: Chicago IL.
Age: 27
Favorite Series: The Next Generation
Favorite Game: Madden 2005 and Planetside
MMO's Played: EQ, DAOC, SWG, Planetside, EnB, AC, AC2, CoH, Shadowbane, WW2online, Anarchy Online, Sims Online(beta only) Endless Ages, EQ online adventures, FFXI, Horizons, Lineage 2.


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Name: pugxsi
Location: Redditch, England
Age: 24
Favorite Series: TNG
Favorite Game: GTA Vice City, Rogue Squadron 2 & 3 (GC)
MMO's Played: Runescape (player moderator), Dark Age of Camelot, Legend of Mir, Toadwater, Ashen Empires

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