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PVP crucial to the success of this game?


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Report this Dec. 11 2004, 6:18 am

I can see your point, and I admit it may sound as a contradiction.
There are mainly two reasons to attack someone, 1. Just to annoy the other person 2. Because it's your enemy.
I fall under the last category. I don't attack someone else, just to annoy him, but because it's my enemy.
You must admit, if you have an enemy, don't you want to kill him? (in game, please not in RL) Also happens in Star Trek.

What about Klingons, don't they enjoy killing the other? You haven't seen a Starfleet security officer saying "Pwn3d! You suck!" because a. the tv-creators censured it away or b. the behaviour of human kind has been changed.
When a lot of people are working together, you get confrontations, even in star trek. Doesn't Paris and Kim like that protoss program where they have to beat that other person? And aren't they happy when they beated him again?
The Holo-deck for them, is like the computer for us.


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Report this Dec. 11 2004, 9:51 am

I think that PvP is essential for Star Trek Online.  Fighting against other players is the most exciting experience in an MMORPG.  

If you're worried about noobganking then just hope that ST:O steers very far away from the levelling treadmills that completely dumb down games.


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Report this Dec. 11 2004, 12:45 pm

I've made this clear before. PvP in my mind has been lacking seriously in past MMORPGs, it isn't on the level it can and should be to make it really worthwhile, something all can enjoy, even those more into PvE.

I think STO should have PvP, from skirmishes to all out war(when it happens). There should be combat that is mostly for the action, and tactical combat, where planning ahead and strategies are crucial. For this I think it is vital that other Empires be included, especially the Klingons, Romulans, and Cardassians, atleast.

It's just to much of a major feature of Star Trek to not have(especially for many DS9 fans). Plus I think that the Trek universe, especially, could set it up to accomidate those who dont enjoy it as much and still play on hte same server. I said yes, because I know that people will want to play the other races, and they will want to fight each other, it is inevitable and fans will want to have these battles, just like in Star Trek.

I like that they want to focus on making the Federation first, so it is immersive, but I definatly hope that they plan ahead, and dont try and add this feature to late into the game, leaving the other Empires empty.


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Report this Dec. 31 2004, 9:31 am

Don't get too thrilled about exploring a virtual world.  Trust me, it will suck.  It'll be the same thing over and over, and there really isn't much of a sense of accomplishment when you see something new that youve probally seen a million screenshots of and seen on about 8 different episodes of star trek.

The key to this game will be PvP.  Can't explore forever, and like any single player game, you will exhaust all of the PvE and exploration features quickly.  The only thing you will have to fall back on is PvP.


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Report this Dec. 31 2004, 11:24 am

PVP will be necessary in the end for alot of people but exploration could be good for a long time or at least for the first lot of people on there personaly i hope we get to go to the delta quadrant maybe beta and gama quadrants too but i hope i can go to the delta quadrant more.


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Report this Dec. 31 2004, 1:21 pm

PVP is cricuial, especially when u take in account all of the other games on the market. at some point a klingon bird of prey is going to wonder into your (federation)(example) space and are u just going to greet them :kiss:?? ur gunna wanna kick their ships...

do ships have an as....?  nevermind u get my point.


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Report this Jan. 03 2005, 10:10 pm

I remember when this topic came up in the SWG forums before Beta there, and I will say exactly the same thing: yes, PvP should be included, but it should not be required. Suffice to say, there are plenty of gamers that enjoy just exploring and discovering new things in the game, and never need to "pwn sum n00b". I've played SWG for a year now, and while I have engaged in some PvP, for the most part I enjoy exploring, looting, and doing quests a lot more.

MMORPGs have been around for a while, and usually, the more PvP is emphasized, the quicker they go downhill. PvP is the main cause of most nerfs, because people find exploits to become "733t", and end up ruining things for other gamers. Lets hope Perpetual can find a way to approach this stiuation from an entirely new vantage point.


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Report this Feb. 06 2005, 3:32 am

PvP has to be done VERY carefully or it ruins a game. Have someone building up their stills and some @$$ all hot for PvP runs up and kills him only one person gets any enjoyment and the company putting it out soon gets their subscribers dropped. It is certainly not required for a game at all and should be implimented under the same governing rules as PvE combat.


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Report this Feb. 06 2005, 7:15 pm

Is PvP crucial?  No, of course not.  In fact, it wouldn't even make sense to have it for release except for the way they are planning on implimenting it as stated in the FAQ.  Player vs. Player Holodeck Combat Training Simulations are an excellent strategy for intergrating PvP into an all federation (only 1 guild) setting.  It allows limited PvP in a PvE environment at release which gives the devs/designers a setting to monitor the future route of the game allowing them to successfully (hopefully) program the direction that they deem more important due to the feedback they get from the gamers, while still maintaining the true feel (exploration) of the Star Trek Universe (again, hopefully).

That being said, I believe the poll question should have been:

Could PvP be fun in a Star Trek setting?

To which my reply would have been:

Yes, definately.  If executed correctly, monitored and updated regularly.

Course, the same could be said for PvE.  It will only be fun if executed correctly,  monitored and updated regularly.  Because both PvP and PvE can get boring if everything is the same.  It will create cookie-cutter molds of combat where everyone will acquire the best then it will be a matter of chance and who can manipulate keyboard and mouse buttons faster.  So frequented changes and updates should be maintained to keep interest up.  

Let me pose a question?     Why is PvP liked by PvPers?

My answer :  Because it is exciting?  Yes but, why is it exciting?  Simple to answer, really.  Because it is unpredictable.
PvE holds that same excitement the first time it is encountered.  Why is that?  Because it is unpredictable at its first encounter.
And since technology has yet (and this surprises me with all that is accomplishable today) to come up with an AI that can simulate/emulate human situational diversities, that my suggestion be that these games hire 1, or 2, or 3, or however many programmers it takes to constinuously change patterns/random variables/NPC responses/etc. etc. in order to keep PCs on the guessing table (not knowing what to expect from one encounter to the next even if encountering the same identical being/NPC/situation) and they will have accomplished the almost perfect assimulation of a gamers wetdream and to this end make themselves extremely popular and rich.  But I am side tracking.

To summarize, PvP is not crucial, though would definately be fun if implimented correctly.

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