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Which to Buy?


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As a designer on the original "The Fallen" and for the new mod, Convergence, I'm obviously biased. But, I am also a huge fan of FPS titles (at least the good ones), and can fully appreciate those who don't care for the 3rd-person perspective, or 3rd-person games in particular. I do think, however, that The Fallen's 3rd-Person implementation is still one of the finest titles of it's type, gameplay wise. The camera controls and movement The Collective acheived should be the benchmark for this type of game.

In Convergence, I've ramped up the action quite a bit, so it plays more like a "typical" shooter than an adventure. There is still enough emphasis on exploration, storyline, and varied environments and situations to make it stand up in that aspect as well. If you don't mind The Fallen's 3rd person view and controls, but were hoping for more intense combat and a more frenetic pace, then Convergence will probably be to your liking.

I can appreciate the comments about some Trek games (The Fallen being mentioned here as well) being too violent for the Star Trek "universe" as Gene Rodenberry invisioned. However, as a designer for a number of action based titles, we always have to consider what makes a game a game, and what will make it fun to play. I personally doubt that The Fallen (and especially EF1 and 2) would have been particularly fun to play if it involved long periods of dialogue (as in an RPG), or spending alot of time exploring a planet's surface with no action. It is difficult at best to generate a compelling and intersting story, as you might enjoy in one of your favorite the form of an interactive game, without something for the player to do. At least for games of the type The Fallen and EF1 and 2 represent. DeusEx perhaps was a title where the combination of significant RPG elements and action were successful, but it is was the exception, IMHO.

I think that both EF1/2 and The Fallen are immensely enjoyable, and I hope we see more Trek-themed games of both types in the future. I know I'd love to be on one of the teams that makes such a game :)

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-Eric Reuter


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Elite Force 2

you get to play Romulan :D

and use the Romulan Radiation Cannon :D

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