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Wormholes on planets?


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Report this Aug. 17 2004, 5:49 am

Quote (antilope @ Aug. 17 2004, 12:52 am)
Commodore 64 is right: the word theory is far too often confused with the word speculation on these boards. And wormholes -- I'm afraid -- are speculation: very well argumented and taken seriously by many astronomists and mathematicians. Nevertheless, they'll be the first to affirm and confirm that, at least for now, wormhole are just speculation. A likely hipothesis, but that's it.
No. The truth is I want to confuse all of you so that I can be the first one to come up with the discovery and take all the credit. Nobel Prize! Here I come. :D :p

does it matter whether they are theory or spectuation. This is basically a sci fi forum.:)  

As it stand if they exist and if you can generate Negative energy, wormhole would still be very unstable. Due to Quantum fluctation and the Whole Negative energy building up positive energy round it. they would be a ticking time bomb.....

Any race that could create these object would park them in space far away from any planet..

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