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what would you like see in a star trek game


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I'd like a game where you can be a few different characters for the storyline. I would like to see a better BC game that allows you to walk around the ship.


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no no , i played kotor and finished it, i like it, but i wast just trying to say that there is a nice star wars rpg game and no star trek one, and if there was a star trek rpg, it would take a century to make ue to the size, or it would be small, for example only play as human or kilngon and one planet.


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Quote (Nador @ July 21 2004, 6:34 am)
no no , i played kotor and finished it, i like it, but i wast just trying to say that there is a nice star wars rpg game and no star trek one, and if there was a star trek rpg, it would take a century to make ue to the size, or it would be small, for example only play as human or kilngon and one planet.

That's the problem with single player RPGs... Now if it was an online one, everything could be possible!


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They need to make a Birth of the Federation 2 where you can not only be in space battles but also can land ground vehicles and control them.  Almost like Imperium Galactica 2.


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More than anything i want to see Armada 3 :)


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Quote (Nador @ July 19 2004, 7:40 am)
and why exactly not, i mean lets look at (i dare not to say) puny 'star wars', they are currently developing their second popular rpg, 'knights of the old republic 2', automatically star trek would start plotting ideas, if this hadn't occured to them before (which is hard to believe) and at the top of their notes a heading stating "why havn't we thought of this before", which frustrating enough as it is, hasnt happened. Is there a reason for this, or perhaps reasons?.....Popularity of the star trek gaming genre? perhaps...Funding....errm no....., popularity of the star trek series and its fans (just as long as enough copies are sold, otherwise yes) oh well ....

Maybe just maybe, creating a game of such a size would be too much a hassle, meaning to prove popular to us the game would have to include many planets each with their own environments, then there is the possibility that not every star trek fan has the internet for online gaming or the appropriate bandwith, or even the right specs on their system for a smooth experience.

I can imagine owning my own customised ship, even if it were a cargo ship not capable of warp, and on board your own crew and a hologram of your choice...

one thing i like about star wars is EVERYTHING's cannon.  Movie, novel, game, comic book.. you name it.

that's my problem with the games, they were never cannon, i would've like to see an Elite Force on Voyager (since Chell's in it)


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Yes, that's what is sooooo cool about. I like all the STAR WARS comics, books and games. They rock and introduce new characters...


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some thing like a remake of birth of the federation


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I agree Like Elite Force 2 and Bridge Commander Rolled into one

Agree 100%. Would be a hot seller. Even throw in some random event generations to make the game replayable again and again.


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I would like to see a Starship simulator where one could play, but its better if 3 are working together.  One as helm and defenses, one as tactical and science and a Captain, handling engineering as well.  A single player could autotarget and fire, but with 3 playing the tactical officer could also manually target weapons if a lock could not be received. The 3 could be in the same room, or connected thru in game voice chat and a UI that shows what each is doing on screen (from whatever perspective you are playing from.  This game would be played from a desktop with several windows you can manipulate and resize depending on your perspective in the game.  Ex: as a Captain your command console would dominate half of your desktop, while you could still see a minimal display of your 2 teammates displays as well.  You could change sizes if you needed to control his console if you needed too.  Otherwise the minimal display is a visual representation on what he is doing.

Single player missions would be problem solving scientific expeditions, as well as some meetings with potential enemies.

The in game video conferencing would allow you to communicate with your potential allies or enemies before engaging them.  If you dont have a cam, you can simply display a stationary picture, symbol, or static.  Hailing would be just as in the episodes in the different series, they can choose to accept, or signal back with there torpedoes.  

You could progress this game across all ages, or be specific.  I like the TOS era myself, but it works across all platforms.

I envision 3D combat with the Helm preprogramming the path of the ship somewhat in advance of the actual execution, this gives the feel of the Massive vessels you are throwing around in space.  Weapons have some autolocking capability, but can be deceived by cloaking devices, extreme speed, natural phenomena etc...

Ships have finite resources, The Enterprise A has like 40 torpedoes.  Klingons have disruptors that are energy based so they dont run out but if their power generation is damaged, they wont have the massive amounts of energy needed to use their heavy weapon.

Multiplayer would not have to be so grand as to encompass the entire universe.  Rather you can recreate historic battles in a segment of space.  The setup of this scenario would have finite resources as well, with preset limits depending on era, and history of battle.  Then you wont have to come up with a huge ruleset to determine how much each race has and this supply line, and that many resources and all that mumbo jumbo.  The battle creator says you have this and thats that.  However bonuses within the scenario may change the balance depending on what may be captured etc...

In this type of game you could have more players and still keep the bandwidth down because instead of every person having a ship of their own, 3 people are operating it.

Taking Starfleet Command EAW for example, instead of 6 playing 6 ships, you would have up to 18 players controlling those same 6 ships.  

Smaller ships could be more easily controlled by one player, but 3 people will have there hands full in battle with anything from a heavy cruiser & up.

I like SFB/SFC as an example to build on, but with a more cannon Star Trek feel, 3d combat, (mostly) invisible cloak.  I dont want it to be Starfleet battles, or SFC.  I just think they were starting in the right direction.

I think the most important thing is the communication.  In Star Trek, the captain is always hailing and posturing before they actually engage, or co-operate.  I think thats allot of whats missing in these Star Trek games.  I think you can create a reason to do this in a multiplayer game.  That will be the Captains most important job.  I can imagine if this were available several would dress up and use the cam feature, probably build a set behind them as well.  I think it would be important to give even a higher bonus if known enemies could figure a way to cooperate, to accomplish a similar goal.

I imagine a multiplayer server generating games and making slots available for race and class of ship.  As a user you just choose a slot and when all slots are full, you are launched and given your mission.  There may be several ways to win or only one, you will have to figure that out.  From the server side of things you could update and change missions and write them with an intuitive scenario generator.  That way you can keep it fresh, and people wont be playing the same missions over & over.

Capturing and conquering areas and bases would be a matter of being able to beam enough troops (or land enough of them) to make a capture (kind of like risk)  The numbers of troops will also reflect their size and strength for example 20 Klingons is actually only 15 compared to 20 humans so it seems that a Klingon is carrying more on a shuttle  20 as opposed to 15 humans on the same sized shuttle.  There ant actually 20 klinks there but they are bigger fiercer warriors so they have a better chance of defeating the humans.  Planets or bases may have several areas to them and need to be captured completely other wise an area is under dispute, and resources are either frozen or split.

Whew that was long winded....


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online rpg,s seem to be getting more popular these days:)


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I would like to see three things in a good Star Trek game, 1) explore the Galaxy, 2) Interact with people/characters and 3) The chance to blow something up.

Something like Bridge Commander, but you can stroll around the ship, meet the crew, and have missions to explore unknown space.  :rookie:


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Something like Bridge Commander, but you can stroll around the ship, meet the crew, and have missions to explore unknown space.

Yup.  That'd be good.  Wonder if anyone who can get the ball roll'n is listening?

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