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Best Video Game System?


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Report this Jul. 19 2004, 9:50 am

gameboy is included in the poll and the deceased dreamcast (r.i.p.) wasnt? (hint)

lets get this straight ,, we all know playstation and pc dominate and about gamecube, nintendo i ask you what happened there? a miscarriage? spacial anomalies that interfered with the brain?


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Gamecube sucks and so does PS2.  PC rulz all followed by xbox.


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PC is the best. Hands down. Reason: The graphics. Where else could you see DOOM3 Blazing at 1600x1200 with oh-so-sweet textures and (drools) And as you your console crap, here goes: PS2: Old piece of japanese garbage. GC: New piece of japanese garbage (lol) XBox: Comon Microsoft, dont be dumb. PC has the best games, best gaming proformance, and best of all...Monitors! Playing games on the TV is horrible.

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xbox all the way

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