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Starfleet Command 4


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I'm confused. Has Activision renewed its relationship with Star Trek? If it hasn't then I doubt there'll be a STSC 4.


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Quote (Vash066 @ Aug. 07 2004, 5:34 am)
Man Activision is just dumb...they have pleanty of material to make the games with..but they seem to be under the idea it HAS to be baised of one of the showes or original thought from those people...

Well, look, Activision was spending a lot of time, money, and effort into making "Star Trek"-themed games ... and there was little payoff.

I mean, most gamers don't exactly race to the shelves for the latest "Trek" games.  And (unfortunately) because a lot of those games suck*, they still kinda' have a bad rep with serious gamers.  Yeah, you know, the ones who write reviews and become opinion leaders and whatnot...

You gotta' remember, "Trek" gamers are NOT in the majority.

* - The only games that have gotten SOLID reviews are:
    "Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force"
    "Star Trek: Elite Force II"
    "Star Trek: Bridge Commander"
    "Starfleet Command II: Empires at War"


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Whoa wait a minute, what about Klingon Academy? True it followed in the tradition of Starflet Academy (who's Chekov 8 mission add-on was WEAK) BUT with a lengthy training regime and awesome mission briefs by CHANG himself rocked! Not only that but you felt immersed as a Klingon warrior fighting for your personal and family honor!  Itmay have taken 3 years to make (and had some bugs that took away from the experience) BUt it was a SOLID game that any Trek fan should  finish at least ONCE!


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You're missing my point, StarDragon1.  Like you, I can appreciate a bunch of these "Star Trek" games.

Heck, my favorite is "Deep Space Nine: The Fallen."


Serious gamers (who aren't necessarily "Trek" fans) only go for the "Trek" games that are VERY SOLID ... AND get excellent reviews.

The four games I listed get SOLID (in other words, excellent) reviews from the likes of IGN, Gamespot, GamesDomain, PCGamer, etc.  They're not only recommended for the "Trek" gamer, but the serious gamer as well.  And they're the only ones taken seriously by the gaming community at large.

Sorry, bud, but "Klingon Academy" (while fun for a "Trek" fan) is probably considered 'genre crap' by the populace at large.


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I'm sorry I didn't make myself clear..activision has no reason to whine that paramount isn't supplying enought material to work with because even with the material that was given to them the screwed it all up.  Your right, most star trek games do suck.  After I played it I sent "i'm sorry" cards to all my friends who bought Away Team.  Activision has no one to blame but themselves.  The only reason I think that EF was such a hit is that Raven basically did all the work on it.

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