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Ascension: The Phoenix Project


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Report this Jul. 05 2004, 11:34 am

Ascension: The Phoenix project is an independant fun, free PBEM group set in the year 2384. Unlike many other sim groups all descisions made are made by a council not a single person in overall charge and every 6 months the chairmanship of the council gets changed so that no one person heads the commitee for any length of time. All new players attend our academy, which will guide you through the basics of e-mail simming, so even if you've never simmed before we'll teach you all you need to know :-)

Come and take a look at our new site and see what we have to offer, you won't be disapointed.
I am currently serving as a Lt. in Ascension: The Phoenix Project and I highly recommend this sim to anyone who enjoys the Star Trek genre. Our ideas are always new and we make simming fun.


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Report this Jul. 23 2004, 12:42 pm

I couldn't agree more with Alex...

I've been playing Lieutenant Commander Marc van Damme for the past one and a half year (began as an Ensign) and by now I'm the First Officer aboard the USS Indefatigable, an Excelsior Class ship undergoing massive refits to become the new prototype for the Excelsior-Interceptor Class, and I am the Director of Memory Alpha; the Group's Database...

If there's one thing I can say about the Phoenix Project, it's that it's fun, exciting and you're constantly kept on the edge of your seat, waiting what stories will develop... And; it's democratic.. There are NO Admirals in the Phoenix Project. All decisions are made by a council of Captains and Department Heads, who have achieved their rank and position through experience and growth...

For instance: Mirror Universe adventures (we're currently battling a few |ber-bad guys from the MU), travels beyond the stars and thrilling battles against the most powerful ships imaginable...

We have a choice of many different ships, so take a look at our website and decide for yourself!

Ascension: the Phoenix Project

Warning: the project is still undergoing major constructions, so the ship's websites aren't available yet.. Take a good look at the main website and the information available and make your own decision..


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Report this Jul. 25 2004, 1:53 pm

I've been part of Ascension: The Phoenix Project, for the greater half of two years.

It is clearly one of the best simming groups in the galaxy, :)
Other groups decide to have huge ships with 20+ simmers. This creates chaos, and lack of uniformity and enforcement of regulations. A:tPP limits it to around 7 or 8 simmers per group. It gives a much needed sense of community in each ship, and you genuinely want to be around them, :)

You all start off as Ensign, and you work your way up. What's the point in simming when you start off as an Admiral, in a ship full of admirals?

Captains and Executive officers do their job well. They're very mature and know the responsibilities of the job. There won't be any captains that sim five-word posts and pretend they're greater than other people.

Lastly, spelling and grammar are paramount alongside strict simming regulations. If you can't spell for beans and can't two string sentences together, you don't have a hope of passing the training course. This ensures excellent spelling and grammar throughout the fleet, which contributes to a greater community.

Join A:tPP now! You won't regret it! :)

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