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re : sound in space


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Report this Jul. 01 2004, 7:16 am

Well as the topic has gone deep to reach the end for most of you, i'll try to describe this in a new topic. First of all "sound" as we know is a particle displacement (vibration) wave which travels within normal matter. Thus it needs close enough particles to transfer the energy. Our ears are a pair of sophisticated sensors which simply detect this displacement wave, convert it to bio-electricl signals. Nerves transfer this signal bio-electrically, and our brain simply interpret what we say "sound" . Now , in an explosion (no metter where it is) instant energy discharge cause a massive pressure, in air this pressure cause the surrounding air to warp and start a displacement and pressure wave, this wave might continue several minutes in our earths atmosphare provided that the explosions energy output remain high enough for that amount of time and can travel several hundred kilometers depending on the air conditions. Along with the pressure wave there is a certain event that we can neither see, nor hear but only detect in certain ways, theese are "electomagnetic waves" which is caused by the accelerated charges which in our case due to the displacement of electrons. Yes these are noise like radio waves within the explosin, most of you might have heard about EMP weapons which use the explosive compression to generate the shock. As the charges are within the initial displacement, the generated EM wave will carry the same patterns as a sound wave just in a different way, which simply can be picked up by an antena, amplified and converted to sound. Well in reality the sound you will hear simply be some sort or static, with proper filtering characteristic sound of the events can be gethered which are impacts, explosions, displacement, injections etc. Thus the sound you hear in space is actually not imposible but very likely to be theorised. This I believe should be described in an episode to relieve thoose who are in pain with this issue, which for some time was also made me think that it was illogical .

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