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Xindi Council RPG


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Report this Jun. 21 2004, 4:57 pm

At the end of Enterprise season 3, the Council was ripped in half. Five members were dead. Five remained alive. Those five decided to step down from their posts and demand that an open election be held for the Xindi Council.

This RPG is character-driven.  It will be done in episode format and will have somewhat of a Battlestar Galactica feel to the overarching plotline (after all, the Council was formed to find a new Xindi homeworld).  :O

Enterprise lovers and haters are both encouraged to look us over and see if you'd like to help make this one of the best Enterprise-timeline fleets. Enterprise lovers :D ... you get to work as a Xindi!!! Enterprise haters :angry: ... you can make it right where you think Brannon and Braga went terribly wrong.

The positions available are:

Aquatic Council Member
Arboreal Council Member
Insectoid Council Member (2)
Primate Council Member

If interested, stop by The Xindi Council or email me at

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