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Report this Jun. 08 2004, 7:58 pm

Okay Isaac Asinov wrote a book series known as the "Foundation Series". The story is that a brilliant mathamatician (Hari Seldon) predicted that the empire as he knew it would decline and collapse in 300 years. The collapse would result in 30,000 years of strife and turmoil in which there would be no hope in sight for a second Galactic empire to bring order. Hari Seldon then decided that he and 100,000 others had to fight this barbarism, so with psycohistory he predicted that if he nudged things a certain way he can shorten the barbarism to 1000 years. So he created 2 Foundations. 1 would be a representation of physical might and would hold all of the knowlage the old empire had lost and would be even more advance. the Second Foundation would possess other psycohistorians whose purpose would be to correct deviations in the timeline as technologies were developed that Hari couldn't have foreseen thus saving the "Seldon Plan."
This is actually a very amazing piece of science fiction that Isaac had created. And I think may be true if we had the math for it. A whole society if you took in only factors related to the masses and discounted individuals you could predict history however as pointed out in the novels the Seldon Plan can be derailed if there are any radical new technologies. So from est. 2000 BC you could predict history up to about 1492 when America was discovered after that all yuo results are meaningless untill we only again reach a technological platau.
What are your thoughts on this? Also remember that the Old Empire spanned an entire galaxy.

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