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New movie or new game...


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Report this Jun. 05 2004, 10:47 am

Alright,this is my thing...I have been a trekkie for quite some time now.My problem is that I believe in it as a reality,but for the future,that is.For now,all I can do,is watch movies,and play computer games to help me get through this age and day.I have seen all 10 movies already,and I was really upset when Data Died in Nemesis.However,from the looks at the end,there might just be hope that maybe he will return to us in one way,or the other.Also,I have not played many of the Star Trek games.I only have liked one of the games,which was Star Trek: Bridge Commander.I was hoping that maybe someone might have some information as to if they are planning a game or movie for the future.I will greatly appreciate all the help anyone could give me.

Thank you.


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