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the star trek experience in vegas


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Report this May. 23 2004, 12:30 pm

i read the UK star trek magazine (apr/may) and they talked about the experience in vegas. it looks awesome! you get to see the models of voyager and the enterprise-d there, as well as going on their bridge! they also said theres going to be a huge section dedicated to the borg. i would like to know if anyone has been to this 'experience' in las vegas and if so could you share your experiences and let me know what else can i expect there - i understand their refreshments area looks very much like quarks bar! wow, seems very interesting indeed! :)

also, if you have been, could you recommend any cheap hotels as well as tickets coming from the UK (any good travel sites), as well as what else can i do in vegas? i am thinking of spending a few weeks there over summer.



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Report this May. 25 2004, 1:56 pm

I've been to the Experience three times, it IS great.  Timelines, actual props from the shows, models, interactive screens, stores, a place you can get your picture taken and it's put into a Star Trek photo of your choice (from about 4 or 5 possibilities), and yes Quark's Bar.  

The ride itself was great fun, the first half of it you are walked around through corridors of the Enterprise-D, the transporter room, the Bridge, and the shuttle bay watching and hearing a Star Trek story unfold.  All of it's done up really well!  The second half is an amusement park type ride.  

I personally had a blast because I went in Uniform and the people who work the show were so cool about it, calling me Ensign and letting me "lead" the group of people I was with as if I was a member of the show (while whispering to me on the side where exactly to lead the group to!).  My Mother went dressed as Guinan and they addressed her as such too.  I don't think they would have done all that though if she and I didn't also play into the parts we had dressed up as.  So much fun!

However, I can not tell you what the Experience ride is like now.  It has been changed, that's what the whoel Borg thing is about.  New story, new ride, the old's gone.  So I'm going back this August with my Mother and Brother to see what it's like.

My recommendation of where to stay is in the Las Vegas Hilton itself, which is where the Experience is.  It's cheaper than most the strip, though not at all the cheapest.  But the Experience is just that mch better for staying in the same hotel, and there are a few hotels with easy access from there that are fun.  The only other hotel I've really liked the attractions at besides the Hilton is the Excalibur.  But you have to be a Medieval fan for that one to work for you.  (It's all about the Tourneyment of Kings and Merlin's shop!)  Still, I like the rooms at the Hilton better.


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Report this May. 25 2004, 3:12 pm

I just recently went to the Star Trek Expierence, the old ride is still there where you go on the Bridge of the Enterprise-D, the Borg 4D ride is next to it, it is good. I was there for 3 hours!!! Klingons & Borg walking around, I recommend the Romulan Ale, I also had the Aldeberan Ale, I think that's what it was called. :honorable:  The food is kinda expensive, but worth it, I had a sandwich called the Photon Torpedo, quite good! I also recommend bringing a camera to take photos of the props & uniforms.


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Report this May. 29 2004, 6:29 pm

The Experience is AWESOME! I've been there a half dozen times, the last one coming the opening weekend of the Borg 4D. The original Experience, Klingon Encournter, is still there and is a lot of fun. You go on the bridge and interact in the Star Trek universe. The Borg 4D is a lot different and really fun. It scared the bejeezus out of me. It took me like 20 minutes to recover. But both are highly recommended. If you haven't been yet, you've really got to go. I usually spend all day there. There's a lot to do and see. The people who work there are really into it. They make sure you feel completely immersed in Star Trek.


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Report this May. 31 2004, 12:32 am

I just got back from vegas and you have to go there. The Borg 4d ride is awsome. The Klingon encounter was great too, I was actually on the bridge of the Enterprise D. If you can I go I recommend it.


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Report this Jun. 06 2004, 11:42 pm

I went to the LV experience during its second or third year.  I liked it overall, but two things really bugged me.

---I wish it had been a great deal larger.  I was kind of upset when I saw how small the bar and the shop was.  This may sound rediculous, but I expected to see something like you would have seen in a DS9 episode showing the Promenade.

---Going through the elevators and seeing the bridge was great, but the Runabout-trip graphics wasn't. I didn't really want to see all of those energy beams flying around.  I wished there would have been a normal space flight from the Enterprise-D to Deep Space 9--and graphics showing nebulae and moons and other space stuff.  I wasn't hoping for the Disney Space Ride, but I wanted to atleast see something that would make you get all caught up in the romance of space flight.  Hopefully, the Borg experience makes things a lot better on the ride, which I have not seen yet.


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Report this Jun. 07 2004, 2:11 pm

PickAcard..lmao!!! I LOVE YOUR NICKNAME!! i read that out loud and it made me laugh its so funny! thanks for making my day i really needed that! :D

not attacking you by the way..i seriously think that nickname is awesome and probably the best one on here thus far! :D


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Report this Jun. 07 2004, 5:23 pm


Thanks for the comment. I'm glad my nickname made you laugh. I just hope that the next Star Trek film will make us all laugh, just as long as we don't laugh at it. Something that a lot of us wont find funny at all. Most fans have been let down by the last two movies.

"Nemesis" was okay, but I think others would agree with me when I say that, that movie could have been a whole lot more enjoyable.


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Report this Jun. 10 2004, 1:29 pm

I want to go really bad because I want to see whats out there


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Report this Jun. 11 2004, 1:04 am

I've been on the Klingon experience ride many times, but sadly never got a chance to go on the Borg one.  I think the Klingon ride is pretty good motion-wise, much better than other simulator rides I've been on.  The graphics are rather dated, especially if you're used to seeing fantastic computer animation, it looks quite pathetic actually.  But still, a great experience.  Another thing I enjoyed was how on every occasion the actors kept within their roles and took it seriously.  I've been on other sci-fi type rides where they just hire a bunch of whiny high school kids and it significantly degrades the experience.

Quarks is my favorite to go to.  The food is only average but it's a lot of fun.  Klingons and Ferengis will come by your table for a photo op!  For those who are able to drink, try the Warp core breach!  That thing literally smokes.


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Report this Jun. 12 2004, 12:14 pm

Been several times - for any true ST fan, it's like going to Mecca. Quark's food is really good - a relative that lives in Vegas said it's some of the best food in town for the price range. The entire menu is incredibly creative - especially the drinks. Last time I was there a group at one table was loaded on "Warp Core Breaches" (a huge, bubbling and smoking drink served in what looks like a fish bowl) and they were singing Klingon drinking songs with Klingons!

Hope you can make it there - you'll be glad you did!


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Report this Jun. 19 2004, 4:48 am

Best. Place. Ever.

I just went a few weeks ago, and had the best time.  The museum made me go all reverent, the rides are excellent ('specially when they beam you up...that was amazing), the food is good, the store is well stocked.  I even chatted with a Ferengi over dinner.  I only wish it was bigger, not because it was inadequate, but because it would've made it that much cooler.

If you haven't been yet, you have to do so.


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Report this Jul. 04 2004, 12:27 pm

I can only agree with what has been said before-- it's fantastic!  There are some less expesive motels in the Las Vegas area like the Motel 6 chain or the Hampton Inn.  I've been to the Experience seven or eight times (and I'm going back for the Las Vegas convention at the end of the month).


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Report this Jul. 30 2004, 12:03 pm

I was just there a couple of days ago. It is kinda expensive $30/person.  If you sign up for the hilton players club card, they give you a 2 for 1 coupon.  I would highly recommend it.  I thought the klingon ride was better than the borg ride.  Its been driving me crazy cuz I don't know any other trekkies to tell them about it.


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Report this Jul. 30 2004, 3:51 pm

I went there a couple years ago right after it opened. I liked it a lot, I'm not sure how it's changed though since I was there last.

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