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The Star Trek Simulation Forum (STSF) is a live chatroom-based roleplaying game that puts you on the crew of a Federation (or Klingon or Romulan) Starship or Starbase. Everyone is welcome to play.

The STSF conducts two types of games, Academy and Advanced simulations (or sims):

Starfleet Academy Sims are open to all players regardless of experience. Crew positions are assigned at the beginning of each mission. Each mission lasts one hour, and a new story begins with each session. Players may attend Academy sessions on any night they are held, as often or as seldom as they wish, without advance notice or registration. Posts are assigned on a first come, first serve basis by the Game Masters (GMs) who are running the event.

The Academy is designed to introduce new players to online roleplaying, familiarize experienced players with our gaming style and conventions, or to provide a forum for role-players who do not wish to commit to a more regular schedule. After players have attended several academy sessions and have become comfortable in that environment, the GMs will "graduate" them to the rank of Ensign, and those players may elect to join a STSF Advanced Simulation.

Advanced Simulation games are re-occurring sims that meet on the same night and time every week. Crew positions are pre-assigned. Missions can last several weeks or months, picking up the next week where they left off the week before. Stories are often advanced through character-written logs and stories between sessions. Any graduate of a Starfleet Academy sim is eligible to request a post on an Advanced Simulation Starship or Starbase.

STSF Starfleet Academy and Advanced Simulations are held nightly. In addition, the Red Star Nightclub is open for business on Saturday nights. This is an in-character lounge where you can drop in, have a drink, and share your adventures in space.

Chat rooms for the STSF can be reached from the Community/Chat page here on STARTREK.COM.

A schedule of STSF sims can be found at: The STSF Schedule (

For more information, please visit our main website at STSF  ( or post your questions here at STARTREK.COM and we will be happy to reply.

We hope you'll join us as we boldly go where no game has gone before.

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The USS Pioneer NCC 81277 - A is recruiting for many positions. We are a Nebula Class Vessel apart of the Independence Fleet of active players. We are a Play by Email game where players have opportunities for advancements in the ship and fleet, and earn awards and recognition. If you are interested visit us today at:

Open Positions include:


Assistant Conning Officer

Shuttle Pilot

Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Assistant Security/Tactical Officer

Bridge Officer


Chief Operations Officer

Assistant Operations Officer

Communications Officer

Computer Systems Specialist

Assistant Engineering Officer

Main Propulsions Assistant

Damage Control Assistant

Transporter Chief

Chief Science Officer

Assistant Science Officer


Assistant Medical Officer


Assistant Intelligence Officer




The adventure only begins here; you decide where it goes...

Captain Vausrie Leiathan Commanding Officer, USS Pioneer Task Force Alpha, Independence Fleet

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