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Have they ever explained in any episode how they run a simulation that take sup more "space" than the holodeck has? for example lets just say for arguments sake the holodeck is 100'x100', how would they fly planes ect. Like Obrien and Basheer in ds9 with their battle of london simulations, or any other simulation requiring alot of movement.


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Well IMO,

They aren't moving that much in the holodeck. Its more like a walking in 1 spot. :)

Its their perception that made them think they are going somewhere far. Like in Generations, on the ship when the Arc opened, there are real life crew behind the arch where the walkway should be. The thing is, no one is behind the arc, its what we seem that look like they are behind it.

If someone shuts the system down, with soemone behind the arc or on a hill or in the water. They will all find themselves on the same level floor & not above, behind or below.


Which explains why Torres don't fall flat when she took a dive from the plane & later shut the program 1/2 way.


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It's a Force-field Treadmill. And if two people get too far apart, then it sticks a wall in between them and draws them where needed as well.


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This is true. The holodeck, according to the shows/movies, uses forcefields and replicator technologies to create every experience possible in the holodeck. Forcefields and photons (light particles) make up the background, which is anything past a certain radius (let's say 25 feet) around you, so that it appears to be what you wish it to be. That is the actual "holographic" part of a holodeck. Replicators can create smaller items such as a holographic tricorder, or a steak dinner, which can then be manipulated and handled at your discretion. Check out if you want to know more about it.

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