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Resurgence: a rising again into life, activity, or prominence.

    The final years of the 24th century witnessed the Federation labor to bring peace and knowledge to the edges of explored space. The fabled ships of Starfleet were beacons of strength and light, even while the darkness began to quietly gain in strength.

    In a distant part of the Beta Quadrant, Section 31 launches the prototype starship, Puissant, on a recon mission. The ship makes contact with a newly discovered race of aliens, only to be swarmed by an armada of fighters and destroyed. The final transmission from the Puissant details the mighty ships defeat. This encounter is the trigger for a galaxy wide holy war. These aliens are known as the Drend. The non-corporeal entities that they worship granted new technologies, so that their teachings could reach those races that have not yet been enlightened.

    The fall of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants were not enough to satisfy the Drend or their deities. An invasion of the Bajoran Wormhole forced the Prophets to make the ultimate sacrifice.

         Their struggle spilled into our layer of reality. The annihialtion of the wormhole caused a warp ten shock wave along with an explosion that destroyed Bajor as well as the entire Bajoran system. The shock wave devastated the Alpha Quadrant. Afterward the incident became known as The Devastation" to those who survived. One of the effects of the blast was a complete burning out of much of the subspace layer; this layer was what allowed for warp travel. Across the quadrant ships became limited to sub warp speeds. Subspace communication became unusable. A lack of communication and ability to congregate caused the Federation to become immediately disabled.

    Chaos ensued.

    Not only were trillions upon trillions of people killed in the attack but the quadrant's economy could not withstand the damage either. Most worlds fell into poverty, unable to afford the necessary supplies they needed to live the same lifestyles they had under the Federation. Groups formed into clans, which were communities of individuals who pooled their resources in order to survive. Skilled professions became a rarity; to have knowledge of something such as medicine could be very valuable in this environment.

    Among other troubles, the political situation (or lack of) gave way for the rise of pirates and thieves who took it upon themselves to take what they wanted, from the less fortunate. A forgotten form of faster than light travel was adopted. Nowhere was safe, colonies, home worlds, transports, etc. were all targets of pirate plundering. Some clans which were fortunate to have enough wealth would hire mercenaries to protect them from ongoing attacks by other pirate clans. Often these mercenaries were pirates themselves, who put off their marauding ways for the enormous pay that a could be had in exchange for protecting a clan.

    In this desperate culture of 'every man for himself', many of the common conveniences such as transporters, replicators, often even running water, where unavailable. They could be acquired for a price, but even once they were had, it was very difficult to maintain them because of large energy consumption, and constant threat of theft.

    As if all this were not enough, the Alpha quadrant was still under constant attack from the D'rend. The Devastation had destroyed the Federation, and it had all but crippled the Aura'Lantha Empire. Nevertheless, D'rend ships were a threat to be reckoned with. One never knew when a D'rend vessel might appear from a warp tunnel to take what resources they wanted from whatever unfortunate victim was near. They still struggle to convert the Alpha Quadrant to their religion and have taken several systems into their control.

    Perchenon- A ship of mercenaries and pirates whose fate was forever changed when they rescued a young doctor
    Independence- A colony ship of over a thousand citizens. This ship is the brainchild of Trill genius and human ingenuity. The Independence may well be the most advanced ship in existence, making it an attractive target for pirates. Its mission is to reach Earth while making contact with other Federation races. This goal may never be reached though, due to the evil that is being fostered within the depths of the ship.

    U.S.S. Perseverance- A Promotheus class ship, the crew finds themselves struggling to stay true to the ideals of Starfleet at a time when Starfleet is held in disdain.

Want to join an RPG that explores life, where the characters take precedence over the ships deflector dish, and has a story with a quirky sense of humor? Send me a PM and lets talk.

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