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Wow, new metal technology unveiled


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A new method of structuring metal has been discovered which radically increases strength and hardness

Its described as Glassy metal, it sounds like its structured litterally like the way glass crystals are (gradual change of state with temperature) the DARPA one goes into a little bit of detail about the structure while the other demonstrates its durability, the liquid metal one seems like an advertising site

Aparently it forms the core between two sheets of other metal

Imagine how this will affect the aviation industry and the cost/kg for launching things into space

Just read about the guy trying to tear and cut this stuff


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"Transparent aluminum?  It would takes years just to work out the matrix properties."

"Yes, but you would be rich beyond avarice."

Too cool !!!!!


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too cool I must say.... That is.... awesome


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i've been following liquid metal for years, very promising stuff, but the initial cost of materials still puts potential customers off. Take a look at their stock chart over the past year, looks like they nearly went broke!

the stuff is impressive, no more machining metals, scalpels pop out of their molds/casts, complete with a razor sharp edge!


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The main thing im interested in is the strength to weight ratios (aerospace engineer) this stuff will revolutionise the aviation and space industry if it can be made cheaply

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